Preppy in Plaid

This post is one that I posted last year but I get so many questions about it still, that I thought it would be a good idea to repost the pictures and do an update on where you can recreate this outfit. When I posted this outfit almost exactly a year ago, I never thought that I would still be a relevant post. I guess the caramel Polo sweater and the black watch plaid hat is so classic prep that it pulls a lot of people in. One of the pictures from this outfit post has thousands and thousands of repins and had been featured on a few "how to dress prep" articles from earlier this season.

This outfit was super easy to pull together. First, I styled my Old Navy skinny jeans, a pair of gingham trouser socks from J. Crew and my L.L. Bean boots for the bottom half of the outfit. I layered a classic white button down with a caramel colored wool sweater from Polo. I actually found this sweater from Goodwill for a few bucks in Harrisonburg. There are plenty of dupes out there though, a few are linked at the bottom of the post. For the hat, I topped the outfit off with a black watch plaid hat from Southern Proper. They brought this hat back after having it off the website for a few years and everyone was so excited! My accessories are the American Yacht Knot and the Gold Anchor bracelet from Kiel James Patrick.

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| Southern Proper Hat | White Button Down | Caramel Pullover Sweater | Old Navy Jeans | Trouser Socks | L.L. Bean Boots |



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