Sophomore Studies with Graphique de France

If I don't have an organized and colorful study space, I can't get anything done. Everything at my desk needs a place and I should also be able to feel invited and welcome to my desk space. I am teaming up with Graphique de France an adorable gift and stationary site that helped me ornament my desk in my apartment. I will say, my desk situation this year is much better than it was last year. It's nice to not have to study underneath of my lofted bed anymore. Having my own space as a sophomore has been such a gift.

I really enjoyed working with Graphique de France. They have items for every style and in every color. You will definitely find something for you on their website. They were extremely generous to me and allowed for me to go on their website and pick out five really great items. I chose a great fountain pen for my agenda, quote notecards so I can write my parents and friends at their colleges, a memo kit with reminder stationary, file folders, and a pack of quotation wall art. I use every single item they sent me at least once a day. Everything you could ever need from notebooks, to school supplies, calendars, and drink ware all can be found on GDF's website. Not only is everything to die for, but it's also all placed at extremely fair prices!

If you want to redo your desk space with Graphique de France, which I highly encourage you to, you can shop their entire site here. Everything I am using from them is linked down below as well. You can find them here on Instagram to see them more on a daily basis and see how other bloggers style their desk!

| Girl Boss Fountain Pen | Stationary Kit | Fashion Notecards | File Folders | Quote Wall Art |



Thank you, Graphique de France, for sponsoring this post!

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