Fall Trends at Target

I've mentioned my love-hate relationship with Target clothes before. Over the past few years, it has been so difficult to find cute, trendy, and youthful clothes at Target. Their shoes have always been right on the mark for me, and even their jewelry has kept me happy these past years but I can never really get into Target clothes. I feel like sometimes the designers just add way too much of a good thing. Either too many ruffles, to much print, too much fringe, or too many embellishments. Despite my struggles with Target clothing, they have impressed me with these new collections that they keep releasing. I loved the Victoria Beckham collection they did back in Spring and I'm really enjoying this "A New Day" collection they just launched at the end of last month.

Not only has Target released new collaborations and collections but they have also been competing with J. Crew when it comes to styles. Half of their sweaters right now are J. Crew dupes and follow similar style choices that J. Crew is subscribing too also. Today I am sharing my favorite and trendiest items that Target has to offer right now. From accessories, to sweaters, and shoes I have to say, I am surprised and impressed with what Target style has to offer currently.

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| bell sleeve top | stardust earrings | chords | red satchel | bow ballerina flat | black block heel | camel mock turtleneck | black drop earring | bow tie sweater | fur lined slide | sleeveless tunic sweater | bow half sleeve sweater | horsebit slide | watch |

I want to touch on a few things in specific that are being sold at the bullseye boutique right now. First, let's talk about these horsebit slides. I shared the Kona slide a few weeks back in my Weekly Skinny, and although they're no pair of Gucci slides, these are almost identical and are only $24. You seriously can't beat that price. Not only do they have classic Gucci slide dupes, but they also have the fur lined dupes as well for a similar price. I love that these are nude as well. I love a pair of nude loafers so this on-trend pair with the faux fur is perfect for Fall.

So many of the sweaters offered are also J. Crew dupes. The ribbon-tie sweater in black featured below is an almost identical dupe to a new arrival over at J. Crew. The J. Crew version is $75 but at Target it's $24. Also, the black double ruffle bell sleeve top is extremely similar to one offered at J. Crew Factory for $44 but is $17 at Target.

Another thing that I am loving at Target right now is the Women's "Shades of Nude" line. So many designers see nude as one color but in all actuality, "nude" can be seen in many different skin tones and shades. They are offering basic, classic shoe styles in many different skin tones. The ballet flats are a part of the Shades of Nude line and are an almost exact dupe of Margaux Demi flat that sells for $125 and these are around $25. A fifth of the price?! You can't find a better price!



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