Weekly Skinny October 4th

I ran a poll on Instagram yesterday afternoon asking what post you all wanted to read today and you all just barely outvoted weekly skinny over an outfit post. Instagram is seriously stepping its game up. I'm obsessed with Instagram Stories and the fact that I can go live, tag companies, and now run a poll on my most used platform makes me so excited. If you aren't already, make sure to follow me over on Instagram so you too, can vote on the next post!

This week, I have done a lot of online "window shopping". I only pulled the trigger on two items and then had to cut myself off due to grocery shopping, bill paying, and sorority fees. Now that it's October, I don't feel so guilty sharing my new picks for Fall. In fact, I don't even feel guilty about sharing my picks for the holidays either. After all, Thanksgiving break is a mere five weeks away!

If you have anything from this past week that you are loving, share it in the comments below! I would love to see your favorite videos, items, songs, or articles!

La Croix Cran-Raspberry -- I went to Target the other night and wandered around for a couple of hours by myself. I know you're probably thinking, why on earth do you not have fun on a Saturday night and choose to wander around Target. Truthfully, I had a busy Friday and Saturday afternoon so I just wanted to relax. Wandering around Target grocery shopping was a great way to just enjoy being lazy. I even bought a Christmas candle, so over all, solid night. While shopping, I picked up a case of crab-raspberry La Croix. I have liked the drink for a while but the price is a little steep for 8 cans. I am now re-hooked on it and need to go to Costco to get the bigger case! If you like soda but want to cut back on it, try La Croix.

Aly & AJ Critiquing Old Music Videos -- I have shared my love of Aly and AJ here on Daily Dose before and just yesterday I found this video on my YouTube feed and it instantly brought me back to my elementary years. Aly & AJ were always head and shoulders above the rest of the Disney Stars music back in the day and seeing them critique their old music videos was not only hilarious but also took me back to freaking out whenever their music videos would come on during a commercial.

Target Mossimo Bell Sleeve Tie Sweater -- I purchased this sweater from Target last week and when it came in the mail, I was so nervous about it. I wasn't quite sure how I would like it and hate sending thing back so I was hoping for the best. Needless to say, I am so in love with this sweater, when I get paid in two weeks, I'm buying it in more colors. It is a thinner sweater so you can wear it when it's still pretty warm out but you can also layer it with a thin turtleneck, button down, or vest. The ties on the sleeves are so fun and the bell sleeve is right on trend with current fashion. It's a dupe of a J. Crew sweater but is a fifth of the price. The grey one is perfect for October but I'm dying for the white and red ones!

Will & Grace -- The new season of Will & Grace came out last week and I watched it. Truthfully, I wasn't entirely sold on it. I thought it was too politically connected and because I hadn't watched Will and Grace from it's original seasons in the 90's, I wasn't quite sure what was going on. I found all of the past seasons on Hulu and I seriously can't stop watching it. I'm going to give the new season another chance, especially now that I know a bit more about each character and their personalities. You have to find the old seasons on Hulu though, they're so funny and I'm obsessed with Debra Messing's tight curly hair from the late 90's! So fun!

This Lemon Chicken Recipe -- You all know how I'm starting to really enjoy cooking and this lemon chicken recipe is one that will soon be coming to the blog with my own twist. I have so enjoyed sharing my experiences in the kitchen with everyone and share some of my favorite easy recipes with other college girls out there. This recipe is packed with flavor but is also extremely simple and quick to make. You can also tailor the flavors in this for either a more savory flavor, a flavor with more lemon, or a sweeter flavor with the honey.



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