Weekly Skinny October 11th

It's been an exciting past few days. I spend the past weekend at home spending time with my family and relaxing. JMU doesnt get a fall break so I treated the weekend as my "fall break". I probably won't get the opportunity to go home until Thanksgiving. While home, I spend Saturday in Charlottesville at UVA. My family went to the UVA vs. Duke game and then the Zac Brown Band concert in the evening. It was an incredible time with my family and catching up with my sister and dad. Sunday morning, my mom made a delicious brunch. I swear we sat at the table for two hours and just talked -- it was so nice. See what I have been loving this past week below and and share what you've been loving in the comments below!

Lilly Pulitzer Men's Capsule Collection -- Lilly Pulitzer realized a family collection with both women's and men's wear. It's been a long while since Lilly Pulitzer made any sort of men's or boy's wear and now that it's finally here, it is so exciting to see everybody's reaction to it. Working at the store, we know about what's coming down the pipe and I have known about bringing men's wear back for a little but now. These ties, bowties, and shorts are perfect just in time for the holidays. You can never start shopping too early, stashing these from your Dad, brother, or boyfriend is worth the wait. I'm obsessing over the pocket square, I want to tie it in my hair like a bow.

Annie & Hallie's Birthday -- It's October 11th. If you don't know what day is it, I'm disappointed. To honor Annie and Hallie's birthday, everyone needs to sit down and watch the Parent Trap. Maybe eat Oreo's and peanut butter, or maybe listen to L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole. Whatever you do, you need to celebrate this great movie!

JMU College Gameday -- I put this on my story, Snapchat, and tweeted about it because I am so excited, but College Gameday is coming back to JMU!!! They came in 2015 but I wasn't a student then and now they're coming back this Saturday and I'm already preparing. There has been buzz all year that Gameday might come back this year due to our 17-0 conference record and national champion status but you never know for sure until the week before. Now, there are maintenance crews all over campus planting flowers, hanging signs, and prepping for the Gameday crew to arrive. We are planning on waking up a 3am to get to the Quad and wait for taping at 9am.

Riverdale Season Two -- I watched season one of Riverdale in 12 hours. I put off all of my responsibilities and literally sat in the library watching the show. I don't know how they made characters that are so likable and a show with such an enticing plot, but they have some incredible writers. Season two of Riverdale starts tonight at 8pm on the CW.

Once Upon a Time Season Seven -- I wasn't planning on watching Once Upon a Time after last season ended. All of the characters left the show except Regina, Rumple and Hook and it just doesn't seem the same anymore. It popped up on my Hulu yesterday and watched it while I was cleaning my room and they already hooked me in. Adult Henry is giving me vibes of Hook and Charming and tbh I can't get enough of it. I'm a little nervous they'll disregard all of the past encounters with characters from Storybrooke (i.e. Pan, Aladdin, Elsa). I'm excited to see where it goes though.

Flannel Loafer -- I love loafers for Fall. They are so easy to slip on and they're a nice "in between weather shoes" when it's too cold to wear sandals or Jacks but it's too warm to wear Bean Boots. These flannel loafers from J. Crew are great. I love the grey with the accents of brown leather. You can wear these classic shoes all the way into early December. They're also 40% off right now so go and buy them for a great deal!



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