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I took to Instagram earlier this week to see if you all wanted to read a Q&A. Some people either love these or they hate them, which I totally understand. I surprisingly received an overwhelming yes, that y'all wanted to read a Q&A. I received so many questions from readers over on Instagram and sadly, I can't answer them all, but I am going to answer the most popular questions asked. If your question was answered let me know in the comment below!

@sa_hailey24: "How did you start to like to blog?"

When YouTube was just starting out, I always thought it was really cool and the people who posted videos were really courageous and outgoing. The whole idea of blogging, making a website, or making a YouTube channel was always tucked in the back of my mind. I love writing and sharing my own thoughts and style with everyone. It's sometimes a little tough to try to come up with new content every single day but I definitely take that challenge and try to tap into my creative side.

@kelsey.sanders: "Who is your style inspiration?"

I love Reese Witherspoon's southern roots style but I also love GiGi Hadid's street style, Jackie Kennedy's New England prep style, but I also love Natalia Dyer and her flirty and feminine ensembles. I have a lot of different style icons feeding my love for fashion but with pieces of them combined, I feel like it gives me my own personal style.

@natalieterrell13: "What shows do you recommend watching?"

I am a big TV fan. I now am subscribed to Hulu, Netlifx, and HBONow. Right now I am obsessing over Riverdale and Dynasty on CW, I also love the classics like Gossip Girl and the Office. If you want a good throwback, I always find that America's Next Top Model is a classic that you can't go wrong with.

@_hannahsmithh__: "What is your favorite blog post you have written?"

My favorite blog post I have ever written was published back in mid-summer of 2017. It's entitled "Why It's OK to Fail". In this post I shared my biggest rejection, my embarrassment, failures and low points. I also shared how I bounced back from it and how I moved on. This post ended up circling Facebook for a while and I received a lot of positive feedback from teachers, superintendents of schools and complete strangers. It was my most "stripped down" post. If you missed it click here to read it.

@lizzieenguyen: "What is your favorite part about attending JMU, and what made it stand out to you over the other schools?"

Truthfully, JMU wasn't my number one school when applying to college. It was in the top half of my choices for sure, but it was my number one in the schools that I was accepted to. What stood out to me about JMU was the atmosphere of the campus. Everyone was so friendly and willing to help with directions or give smile at you as you passed them. I loved feeling so comfortable as a part of the student body even when I didn't know too many people then. I also came into JMU with the hopes of being a teacher and JMU's education program is incredible. Another great point that drew me to JMU is that my sister goes here. It's comforting having family here, especially when adjusting to a new place.

@haileypreps: "What camera do you use and who normally takes your pictures?"

For all of my blog and Instagram photos, I use a Canon EOS Rebel T5. I use the kit lens, but I think I'm going to buy a fixed lens soon. I love the quality of the camera and the photos is produces and how easy it is to use. My photographers are usually friends or sorority sisters. I don't hire anyone to take my photos.

@mmckenziemiller: "How do you prep for less?"

Prepping for less isn't too difficult when you know where to go and what to look for in certain spots. The best thing to do then prepping for less is to start at places like Target, Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, SheInside, and BooHoo. These places have the best prices and great quality pieces. No, you won't get unique to brand items but you will find the great bases for a preppy wardrobe. You can find great button downs, pullover sweaters, flats, loafers, vests, jeans, dresses, and blouses at these stores without breaking the bank. On sites like SheInside and Boohoo, you definitely have to do some digging but I promise you, the preppy clothes are there! You want to splurge on things like a Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt, a Kate Spade watch, or a Lilly Pulitzer shift. Those are all classic items that are true to their brand. Nobody makes a better shift dress than Lilly Pulitzer, save the money and splurge on that when the summer comes.

@maya.patterson: "How did you grow your blog?"

Growing a blog is a lot more difficult than it seems but extremely do-able if you're willing to put in a little extra time to take it from good to great. I noticed that my blog started gaining traction once I increased my posting schedule I went from posting twice a week, to every other day, to now every single day. People repeatedly come back every day to read what I have written. If they aren't big on the blog, they choose to follow along on Instagram. Growing my Instagram was what I was really focused on. I only post high quality pictures, that are edited, and include tags, and hashtags. I share more of my personal thoughts and feeling on the blog than I do on Instagram but Instagram is a great place to readers to catch up on the blog quickly.

@gracie.l: "What are the top three things every preppy girl needs in her closet?"

I think that every preppy girl needs her "power heel" this is the shoe that you love, is comfortable, and looks incredibly cute. When you wear this show, you should feel confident and completely yourself. I love my nude block heels. They're so comfy and cute, they match everything, and when I wear them I feel like I can conquer anything. My second thing that every girl needs is a great navy dress. I love the little black dress as much as the next girl, but navy is a color that you can wear four seasons. I have a few LNDs because they are so versatile. Finally I would say every girl needs a white button down. I wear my white button down with everything from skirts, to layered with dresses, with vests, shorts, sweaters or alone in the summertime.

@sallycathcart: "How do you study for several tests at once?"

The way that I combat studying for several tests at once is with my agenda and my Quizlet account. I map everything out on my agenda so I know what's happening throughout the week. I start prepping for tests early, i.e. making Quizlet cards a week in advance and slowly studying them throughout the week. When it comes to the night before the test, I will print out my notes and re-write them. I will write all over my new notes, highlighting and annotating the page. The true best way to manage so many tests is so start studying early and prepping in advance. If you do this, when the night before comes, all don't have to worry about getting organized, you just have to study.

@sophgorgeorgelis: "What tips do you have for putting yourself out there in the internet/blogging world?"

Putting yourself out there is sometimes tough, especially when you are doing so in front of the entire internet and tons of strangers. Just know that it is scary and if you're secure in yourself than that's all that truly matters when posting. I would say be appropriate, don't post anything you would be uncomfortable with your mother reading, and be confident. The more you post and find your niche, the more confident you will become on the internet. Another tip that I have is that you don't have to answer every question or message. Obviously, I try to answer everything I can from legit readers but I have had people come on my Instagram and demand that I tell them my political party, how I voted, and my opinions on laws. Also, know that you are in control of your site and social media. You control exactly what is posted and if you aren'y comfortable posting something, even if people want to read or see it, know you don't have to do so.



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