College Gameday Recap

It has been a crazy weekend! College Gameday rolled through Harrisonburg this past weekend and it was a blast to say the least. If you aren't too familiar with what College Gameday is, it's an ESPN Saturday morning broadcast that airs live before the Saturday college football games. The group of sportscasters travel all around the nation to the best games of the week and if they pick your school, it's a really big deal. They announced last Sunday that Gameday would make another appearance at JMU on Saturday and that's all everyone on campus could think about for the next six days.

JMU is ranked number one in the FCS and has the longest winning streak in the history of the conference which is what gave us a good edge of the other potential schools for Gameday this past weekend. It also helps that when Gameday came to JMU in 2015, we had one of the biggest, loudest, and rowdiest crowds the show has ever seen.

The festivities kicked off on Thursday when the College Gameday Bus arrived on campus. Crowds of students joined on the Quad to welcome the show to campus once more. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I may or may not have skipped a class (sorry mom). Friday was a pretty low-key day in terms of Gameday festivities. They taped a Friday show on the Quad in the afternoon so a few friends and I stayed for taping. Around 7pm, my parents drove up and took my sister Lisa, my cousin Matt, and I out to dinner for the evening. After dinner, we all ended up going to bed because we knew the next morning would be an early one. When Saturday morning arrived I was up just before 3am. Some friends of mine came over around 3:30am for breakfast where we then headed out to a few pregames before the sun came up. I got to meet up with a ton of friends and literally watch the sun rise over the Shenandoah valley. Around 7:30, we made our way to the Quad to wait for taping at 9am. You have to get there early to get a good spot in the crowd.

Taping ended at noon where we made the trek down to my parent's tailgate, and eventually the football game. I filmed bits and peices throughout the weekend. Enjoy the video and pictures from this past weekend!

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