How I Organize My Agenda

After many requests, and much procrastination, I am finally sharing with everyone how I organize my agenda. Truthfully, I think my life would fall apart without my agenda. I love my Erin Condren Life Planner and although it does take a lot of prep and planning just to get organized, it's by far my favorite way I have ever organized my agenda.

I have the Erin Condren Life Planner with the hourly set up. This is an hourly schedule which shows a weekly spread at a time. For each week, I create custom stickers with my "permanent schedule". When I say permanent schedule, I mean my classes, work schedule, and sorority schedule, and gym hours. These are things that are constant each week. I know music will happen at eight in the morning every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I know it won't change. I also have the exact same work hours all throughout this semester so I know those are constant for 18 weeks. Even my hour at the gym is constant. It's usually from 11-12:15 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but if I were to move it around, it would still stay an hour and fifteen minutes. For these constant things, I type them up and print them out on stickers to give my week a more official and organized look. If you want to create your own stickers, I shared my process in this post.

I create these sticker sets on Pages on MacBook Pro. I make the themes watch the season, how I'm feeling, and my style. Over the summer I had Lilly Pulitzer spreads and Kate Spade spreads. As Fall approached, I made Autumnal themes. I even made an Alpha Delta Pi theme during the week of recruitment. It keeps me happy and is just a little pop of color to add to my day.

For me, I need to have everything in my week all in one place. I keep my shopping list, to-do lists, blog schedule, work schedule, school schedule, sorority and club schedule, along with my gym schedule all in one place -- this process helps me do just that. Along the top of each week, I place a long ribbon sticker where I write down each blog post for that day. On Monday I write the post I need to write that day to schedule for Tuesday. I also color code my M/W/F classes and Tues/Thurs classes. Because they are different time lengths, I color code them so I can tell each day apart at quick glance. This week, M/W/F is navy blue and Tues/Thurs is cranberry red.

On the left side of the agenda there is a "quote box" and a to-do list. The quote box is a small space where I place a little image, bible verse, or quote to tie into the theme of the week. I love centering my entire theme around this one image or quote. I know, I know -- it's pretty insane and almost a little obsessive that I am so invested in this agenda but truly, with so much to juggle and a potential club sport to add to the mix next semester, I need as much organization as I can get. For the to-do list, I keep that as my shopping list. I try to grocery shop every week or every ten days. Usually after 10 days I need to replenish on some things whether it be snacks, ingredients for meals, or La Croix.

I have watched many a Erin Condren Agenda video and have seen so many different ways to organize an agenda. So many people go crazy on the stickers and one, I don't have that much printer ink and two, I just can't deal with all of that. I love being able to write in my planner and really map out my week. On the lines where I don't place stickers, I will bullet in what my to-do list for that day it. This includes writing a blog post, homework assignments, test prep, and smaller tasks such as cleaning the kitchen or taking out the trash. I find that being able to combine the clean look of colorful stickers and the writing aspect into my planning is a great balance. It's a combination of bullet journaling and having a normal agenda.



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