Weekly Skinny October 19th

It's already been a hectic week and it's not even half way over. Monday came and went in blur. The beginning of my weeks are by far the busiest with three classes, time at the gym, a late shift and work, and getting ready for the week ahead. There is so much to juggle on Mondays that the time really flies. On Tuesday, I again juggled a few classes and a double shift at work which drains my day.

I did manage to carve out some time to get dinner with a friend from high school and catch up with her and I also have found a great way to fit going to the gym into my schedule. I'm currently working on creating a great workout routine for weight loss and toning. I have done a lot of research so hopefully I can share that with everyone soon. I love being able to incorporate working out into my daily routine. I always played a sport in high school so I was exercising a lot, or at least being active. Freshman year of college, I was flat out lazy and rarely made it to the gym for a spin class or sculpt class -- I was too afraid to go and workout on machines in front of everybody. Now, I love turning on my Beats and running for an hour or warming up and the elliptical and having leg day or arm day.

What's really consuming my week though is my SCOM240 midterm this Friday. I started studying over a week ago and still feel like theres so much to do. It's on probably 100 pages of notes and is only 35 questions -- how do you narrow down over 100 pages of reading into 35 questions?? I'm not too sure either. But at the weekend will soon be here friends, happy hump day! For now, let's take a look at what I've been loving this past week!

Ivanka Trump Scalloped Bag -- This bag by Ivanka Trump is perfect for a date night, or an evening out with girlfriends. The cross body is perfect so you don't have to keep up with a purse on your shoulder, it's big enough to hold your essentials, and the black with gold hardware matched almost any outfit.

Bow-Neck Sweater from J.Crew Factory -- I wanted this sweater for Christmas last year but when Santa when shopping for it, it was all sold out. in ever size. and in every color. I was so bummed I couldn't get my hands on one! These are great pieces to add to your wardrobe and the cream with black bow is so chic. I am thrilled to see that J. Crew Factory brought them back and at a lower price. Y'all this sweater is $48 right now! Incredible steal! Get one before they sell out again!

Hearth & Hand by Magnolia -- It's no secret that Chip & Joanna Gaines are just about the cutest couple on the planet. They are incredible creative, amazingly kind, and full of so much spirit of the Lord. They announced a few months ago that they would be collaborating with Target continually and that their first line would launch during the holidays (Sidenote: how exciting that I can talk about the holidays lol). Last week Target released a preview of the line in all of it's glory and let me say, it's beautiful. The Gaines' brought Waco, Texas right to your neighborhood with this line. From rustic tablescapes to countrified Christmas decor, you can tell that they poured what they do best into this collection.

Monogrammed Boyfriend Sweater -- I am partnering with Marley Lilly and they sent me a great package of goodies last week. One of the items they included was this incredibly soft and perfectly oversized boyfriend sweater that I can't seem to stop wearing. Its cozy, soft, plush, and monogrammed -- hello people, it's perfect for this time of year! I have worn mine with jeans and rainboots and leggings and sneakers. It's what I throw on after I leave the gym and it's what I'll always grab for if I can't decide what to wear. They're very affordable and come in two colors!

Anna Faris is Unqualified -- I am so into podcasts right now (with the rest of the world) and I am especially loving Anna Faris is Unqualified. She hosts celebrity guests and talks about everything under the sun with them, plays games, and answers calls. I love hearing the guests and Anna chat about everyday life and the side of the celeb that the fans don't always see. Anna keeps the podcast lighthearted which is sure to brighten up any long day, work day, or ride home from school.

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