Weekly Skinny October 27th

A little late start on this post but it's time for another weekly skinny. I think these are some of my most favorite posts to share. I love dishing on things that don't always make it on the Instagram and on things that aren't always related to fashion. This week was much calmer than the last. Only a paper due and a couple of tests -- nothing too crazy. It was all worth the hard work though because it's Halloweekend and let me tell you, JMU does Halloween well. It's a four day affair, starting Thursday and ending on Halloween. On Saturday, JMU also has homecoming so some of the Pi graduates from my sorority are coming back for the weekend. Along with the graduated seniors, my parents will make an appearance at homecoming. The weekend should be full of costumes, fun, and family.

I also feel like once Halloween comes on Tuesday, I can finally start posting about Thanksgiving and Christmas without it being out of the status quo. I have been planning these posts for weeks and have already had a few photoshoots for upcoming Thanksgiving tips, tricks, and looks. I can't wait to share them all with you. Has anyone else been secretly listening to Christmas music?? Just me? Ok.

Story Corps -- I was introduced to Story Corps through my communication theory class. We were studying the communicative process of an effective narrative and the professor used Story Corps to show examples of excellent narratives and their variations. These are the most precious videos I have ever seen. They are short videos of people narrating true stories of love, change, family, and growth. My favorite is the one of the man who gave his coat to a robber. Check them out and let me know if you were as touched by these as I was!

Veep -- I know everyone already knows about Veep but I am way too obsessed not to share. It's a show on HBONow and I think I binged watched the first season in a day. It stars Julia Louis Dreyfus from Seinfeld (& so many other things). It's a comedy based off the struggles, drama, secrets, and coverups that come along with being the vice president. I love this show because there is no particular party affiliation when it comes to the politics in the show. It's more so based on comedic plot rather than getting across a political message. Every character is hilarious and the half hour episodes are great during a lunch break or a study break.

Plaid Wrap Skirt -- This plaid wrap skirt is everything. I have been searching up and down what to wear for Thanksgiving dinner and this is the clear winner. I am collaborating with Lauren James once again to bring you another incredible product of theirs. I know this isn't the official post but I wanted to share before the skirt sells out. The red plaid is completely gone, but there is still some of the Black Watch plaid and the Ivory Tartan. If you are in between sizes, go up! It runs a little tight!

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Recipe -- All I do when I go to the gym is watch Food Network. I know that just about the last thing anyone should watch when working out but I do it because I know its a channel where I know something entertaining will be on at 11am. I saw this Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll recipe from Red Drummond and immediately saved it. I have been truing to find something pumpkin to make for Thanksgiving and I can't wait to get home to try this recipe out. It's perfect for Thanksgiving morning when lunch is getting prepped. You can watch the parade and kick off the morning with a delicious treat. It's a recipe you can prepare the night before, leave sitting in the fridge overnight, and pop in the oven in the morning.

Red Lodge Moccasins -- J.Crew hands down has the best slippers. I love my plaid pair from last November but sadly, I wore them through all Freshman year. I may or may not have been resting my feet on out radiator on a 13 degree day and melted through the bottom -- rookie mistake. J.Crew just released a few colors of their moccasins for this Fall season and I'm loving the bright red. They are so merry and bright... I know Christmas reference, but hello!!

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in the comments below!



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