Clearing My Acne with Clarisonic

Since coming to college I have noticed my acne become more prominent. I went through a particularly rough period my first semester freshman year with horrible acne, and it popped back up again this semester as well when I returned to JMU. I think coming back to school increases the amount of junk I put in my body. From pizza to pasta and a sweet treat here and there, it adds to acne. Not to mention the additional stress I get around midterms and finals. With so many stressors in college, they all negatively benefit your skin.

I have partnered with Clarisonic for about a month now trying out their Mia 1 device, and it has completely changed my skin and my skincare routine. I never had particularly oily skin, but when I get a zit it comes and stay for a while. I always would try to force it up to the surface so I could pop it, or try to have the redness go away and truthfully, I never really knew what I was doing so I ended up hurting my skin more than helping it.

Clarisonic sent me a #giftfromClarisonic full of great goodies including the Mia 1, the deep pore cleansing brush head, the sonic radiance cleansing brush head, the acne cleansing brush head, and the pore & blemish gel cleanser. I felt little overwhelmed with all of the goodies in the package to be frank, introducing something into my tried and true (kind of) skincare routine can be scary and cause more acne -- despite my fears, I did a little research and found hundreds of rave reviews about the Clarisonic Mia 1 and you can count my post as another to add to the list.

If you aren't too sure what the Mia 1 is, allow me to explain a little. It is a cleansing brush which oscillates gently, flexing your skin and flushing water into your clean powers. Although this powerful little tool seems aggressive on your skin, it's not. In fact, far from it. The brush head bristles are superbly soft and the oscillation of the machine is incredible gentle. It removes dirt, toxins, oils, debris, and pollution from you skin. It's also a common myth that the Clarisonic Mia 1 exfoliates -- absolutely not. Exfoliation is too harsh on the skin, especially in a daily routine. This device is gentle enough that you can use it twice daily, even on the most sensitive skin.

The first day I used my Clarisonic Mia 1, I was shocked at just how gentle it was. I used it in the morning and at night for about a month now and it has truthfully changed my skin. It has left me with cleaner pores, little to no blackheads, a more radiant complexion, and softer skin as well.

After about three uses, I started to see all of the acne from my deeper levels of skin come up. I mean I had acne in places I have never had zits before. Like I mentioned, I did a lot of research before using the device and every said that your acne will get worse before it gets better. That being said, I persevered though my heavy stage of acne and continued with the use of the Mia 1. Let me tell you, the machine cut my normal timeline for acne in half. Within three days, all of the newly formed zits were gone. It truly did bring all of the deep toxins in my skin to the surface and gently massage them out. I tried all three brush heads they sent me and my favorite by far was the Radiance cleansing brush head. The other two were for acne clearing and although the Acne cleansing brush head was incredible for doing just that, there were much more bristles on it which irritated around my nose. I realized through this process that although not oily, my skin is very sensitive. The Radiance head was the perfect combination of aggressiveness and gentleness. No popping, no acne scars, no scabbing -- nothing. Since removing my initial acne, this machine has not caused breakouts or harbored bacteria on my face at all.

I will say, I use my favorite cleanser along with the pore and blemish cleanser and although from different brands, they work magically together. I start my skincare routing by removing my makeup with a Neutrogenia wipe, and then I wet my face with a little water. This machine works so well with water and is fully waterproof so I make a point to make sure there is plenty of water there for the device to use. Also, dry bristles rubbing against dry skin will irritate your face. I then place a quarter sized dollop of my Clearasil acne wash on the Mia 1 and get going. The device has an internal timer and cuts off after one minute of cleansing. I then place a quarter sized dollop of the pore and blemish cleanser on the device and repeat the process. Finally, I rinse my face, pat it try and moisturize.

Truly the Clarisonic Mia 1 transformed my skincare routine and my complexion as a whole. I never knew I needed the device until I tried it out. I want to make sure that you all have the opportunity to experience the Mia 1 and all of its perks so you can purchase all Clarisonic devices featured here for 15% off with the code HERCAMPUS. If you are concerned with the price of the Clarisonic or any of the devices on the link above, Clarisonic offers monthly payment plans upon credit approval and you can see their terms for details and more information. For 63 cents, you can have clearer-looking skin for life!

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