The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

IT'S NOVEMBER FIRST! Which means, it's officially okay to talk about Christmas and all things "holiday". I love this time of year in every aspect. The season is so busy with school, shopping, blogging, social events, finals, traveling, family and friends. I love the preparation for Christmas and the recipe hunting for Thanksgiving. This holiday is a particularly exciting one for many reasons. One, this is the first holiday season in our new house. If you've been reading for a while, you know my family moved to a farm back in February, leaving my childhood home behind. We sat around last season on Christmas morning silently knowing it was out last Christmas on Old Prescott Road. So many incredible memories made there, from running downstairs on Christmas morning to watching the Thanksgiving parade in the green room. Even setting up decorations way too early in the sunroom. It's a new season to make new memories in a new place. I can tell you my mother is already thinking about how she's going to decorate the house and how great it will be to have so much counter space on Thanksgiving to cook.

Another exciting thing about this upcoming holiday season is Christmas Eve Dinner. This is a family tradition that the Smith side of the family has done for years. Each year, one of the seven original Smith's host dinner at their house after Christmas Eve mass. After six years, it's finally back to us. We are exciting to throw our first party at the farm. Because there are so many aunts and uncles, it leaves me with 20+ cousins making for a pretty festive and exciting evening.

Although no, Christmas hasn't entirely come full force to Daily Dose of Prep, I did want to share my Christmas playlist with everyone today so you too can share in the holiday spirit whenever you like. Disclaimer: Yes, I will still be posting plenty of late Fall fashion on DDoP. You might be like me and want to start celebrating the reason for the season earlier than others, or you might be a traditionalist and keep it strictly to after Thanksgiving. Either way, here is my Ultimate Christmas Playlist (Ultimate Christmas Present anyone? Best Disney movie). This is Spotify playlist which you can follow me on. I am still adding to it but these are all Christmas classics played on Delilah, and are also Spotify Christmas suggestions. I also made a point to include Pentatonix's two Christmas albums, Michael Buble's classic album, and Leslie Odom Jr's new "Simply Christmas" album, which is pure gold I might add. Click here to follow along on Spotify for updates on my Ultimate Christmas Playlist. You can listen to the entire playlist on this post below. Enjoy!

What is your favorite Christmas song? Leave it below in the comments!



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