Weekly Skinny November 4th

I cannot believe it's November already!! I feel like just yesterday I was at the beach and now it's time to pull out my parka and Bean Boots! Halloween is finally past us, thank God, and we can focus on being thankful and spending time prepping for the holidays. Weekly Skinnies are going to be full of holiday items from now until Christmas. Truthfully, it's better you be prepared early than scrambling before Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve to prep. If there is a specific post you want to see here covering Thanksgiving or Christmas, let me know here! There have been some great videos, products, and music circling around recently I am so thrilled to share them with you.

These past few weeks at school have been hectic. We are in the middle of initiating the newest alpha delta pi class so this weekend is crazy as well. I have four days of sorority events, a photoshoot planned, a church date with my friend Emily, and a trip to the movies to see Bad Moms Christmas. After a week full of exams and writing papers and meetings, I cannot wait to enjoy the movies!

There's also only two weeks until Thanksgiving break and I'm already hunting down recipes to make and pestering my mom about decorating for Christmas. All of the Smith's will finally be back together also. The last time my entire family was together was in July four literally four hours before someone had to leave and go to work. It'll be nice to have a full house for a few days like the old days. I seriously cannot wait you guys!

Leslie Odom Jr's "Simply Christmas" -- This is the album of the holiday season. Leslie Odom Jr. played Arron Burr in Hamilton on Broadway if you're wondering why his name sounds so familiar. This solo Christmas album is the best one I've heard since Michael Buble's in 2011. My favorite by far is The Christmas Song. It's jazz infused accompaniment is classic and shows off his vocals incredibly well. It's on my Ultimate Christmas Playlist if you want to take a listen here.

Cookie Press & Decorating Kit -- This time of the year is when I end up baking a lot of sweet treats and trying new recipies. I love Spritz cookies and using a cookie press and this one from Crate and Barrel is perfect. The reason I love these cookies is because the recipies yield so many and the cookie press is so easy to use. Rolling out cookie dough and cutting shapes results in waste of so much dough so the cookie gun cuts down on that.

Olympic Commercial -- I'm a sucker for the Olympics. I like the summer olympics way better than the winter ones, but I can really get invested in curling and figure skating. The olympic commercials praising moms always give me the feels and this winter games' commercial is no different. Every time I watch it I get chills and you have to see it for yourself.

World Championship Proposal -- I'm a sucker for a good proposal and I'm also a big baseball fan. This video warms my heart. I mean two rings, one night -- sounds like one for the history books. Carlos Correra proposed to his girlfriend during his ESPN post-game interview during the on field celebration after the Astros won in game seven against the Dodgers. I am so happy that if a team were to win, it was the Astros. Although yes, they were the team that beat my Yankees to the world series, Houston has been through a lot these past few months and bringing back a championship trophy is a metaphor that the city is unbreakable. I also love a good underdog.

Express Sequin & Party Clothes Collection -- My sister, Leslie, recently turned me on to Express. I always pass it at the mall but never really thought about walking in. I explored their website a little bit and I am already so in love with what they have to offer. I think they're prices are a little steep on a college budget but if you're looking to find great investment pieces, Express is the place to go. They're Sequin & Party clothing collection is to die for. I love anything sequined of glittery for the holidays along with anything velvet or tulle. This line is full of all three of those styles. A few faves of mine are the Sequined Cami, Fit and Flare Midi Dress , Tulle Lace Hem Skirt, and Velvet Jumpsuit.



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