Inspired by HBO

I swear I never watch cable anymore. With so many streaming sites out there, there's truly no need to have cable. My favorite streaming site by far is HBO. The reason I love the site so much is because not only do they have shows that aired on television prime time, but they also have HBO original series like Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, and my personal favorite, Veep.

If you aren't sure with HBONow let me share a little bit about this incredible streaming site! They stream both movies and television shows. They inspire new perspectives through their shows in both fictional and realistic shows. They create shows that cater to everyone. HBO Go gives you unlimited access to ALL of HBO -- this includes every episode of every HBO original series. This service also gives you more of the biggest and latest movies before any other streaming service.From investigative shows, news shows, mysteries, and magical series -- there is absolutely something for you on HBO.

A few weeks ago, HBO sent me the most incredible package full of HBO goodies and gifts. They included HBO Game of Thrones clothing, an HBO water bottle, and other fun treats. My absolute favorite thing they included in the package is a customized HBO pocket projector from Brookstone. This little projector depicts an image up to 50 inches and you can plug it into your computer or your phone. I love watching all of my favorite HBO shows on this little projected with my little Christmas tree lit and a pair of cozy socks on. It makes watching captivating characters that much more relaxing and enjoyable.

I love Veep because one, I love Julia Louis Dreyfus. She's absolutely hysterical and plays the role of Vice President Selena Meyers so well. Her sharp wit, presidential style and girl boss ways make for great television. I also love her staff. Gary is by far my favorite character. I love how her role hasn't really been done before. A female vice president and strong figure on political power in America. It's a progressive idea and gives women an inducible role model to look up to. I love how her character is never one to boss around her staff and take control -- she does so with conviction and confidence, traits that are highly admirable.

Another show I am loving on HBO is Sex and the City. I know, I know -- everyone has already seen it but there are a few people out there, like me, who slipped through the Sex and the City cracks and missed it. I'm serious I love this show.I am definitely a Charlotte but I want to raid Carrie's closet -- her fashion is such an incredible inspiration!

HBONow is also extremely nice to have as a college student. I never really have time to follow TV show times. If something comes on a 8pm I'm usually not home in time to watch it and if I am I'm cooking dinner while I watch the beginning of the show and then have to start on homework. Having a site where I can access some of the top shows at the moment and I can watch them whenever I want or whenever I have time. Sometimes I will take a 30 minutes study break after a few hours of work to watch an episode of Veep of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Let's also not forget about the great movies that HBO features. Some of my favorite movies are Sully, La La Land, and Jackie -- all modern classics and Oscar nominated films. This video platform is constantly updating its shows and movies so there's constantly something new on HBO. There honestly is something for everyone to enjoy!

What are your favorite HBO shows? Let me know in the comments below and check out HBO here!



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