Life Update: November

Long time, no life update! It's been a very manageable yet still busy semester and I always forget to fill everyone in on how school is going and how I'm doing. I'm so thrilled that it's Friday, but also that it's finally Thanksgiving Break! I talked a little bit about why I'm excited in my post yesterday, but today I just can't contain myself! Finally, my family will all be under one roof again.

I have been a pretty busy month or two around JMU for so many different reasons and I want to share everything with you!

School -- School is definitely the biggest life update of them all. First off, I declared a minor (and I'm thinking of declaring another one). I am now a *drumroll please* communications major with a concentration in public relations and a writing minor. My major requires that I minor in something and out of a list of about 50 options I thought writing was one of the most beneficial. I though about going into sports communication and broadcasting, and although that sounds fun, my dream job is in fashion, not sports. Also, Daily Dose of such a big part of my life and now that I'm making money off of it, I want to invest in it and taking this writing minor I think will be good for me. No, I'm nowhere near a perfect writer and there is so much for me to learn, but I'm really excited to start taking a few more writing classes and really start my concentration in PR.

I am also loving my communications major. I always talk about how scary it was for me to take that leap of faith and change my major from math (with a guaranteed job) to comm. It's a big major and you can go in so many directions with it but PR is so interesting. I love going to class and learning about ways to effectively communicate, earn trust in someone, and effectively construct an organization. I've been working especially hard in communications this semester and it's nice to see great results.

Sorority -- Truthfully, I'm not extremely involved in ADPi at the moment. I'm just a regular member. I am really focusing on school right now that running for a position just wasn't in my sights for next year. I'm thinking that maybe as a rising senior I will run for something but I'm applying for my major and I just have my sights on school. I still love Alpha Delta Pi and my friends and my little, but eating, sleeping, and breathing my sorority just isn't my style right now!

We did have our fall philanthropy event last weekend and it was a total blast! We held a softball tournament for Ronald McDonald House and raised a good amount of money! I love baseball so this is my favorite philanthropy event of the year. I was the umpire for one of the fields and had a great time all afternoon. We even got Alpha Delta Pi jerseys made for the chapter. I'm so obsessed with them.

Extra Curricular -- I have been wanting to get more involved in extra curriculars on campus other than Greek life. I applied to a really competitive organization on campus a few weeks ago and I made it to the final round of interviews for it. I won't know if I'm accepted or denied until after Christmas break but hopefully my interview goes well in a few weeks!

I am also going to try out for club tennis here. I have missed tennis for a while now and sometimes it's really difficult to find a partner. I know a few girls I played with in high school are on the team so hopefully I make it. I can stay active, make more friends around campus, and join a sports team! I mean it's a great opportunity. Also, club sports are more relaxed and if I were to have a really busy day, I wouldn't have to go to practice.

Blogging -- I have been so in love with shooting outfits for the blog. This is by far my favorite time of year to blog because there is literally so much to write about. Also, I know exactly what mostly everyone is looking to read so I know that you guys are content with what I'm writing. I love putting together gift guides and creating different holiday outfits to share.

I can definitely say that I am starting to really settle into my matured style. I still love my layered oxfords and sweaters with Bean Boots, but I am really enjoying working with skirts and heels. I have so many outfits and shoots planned this week for when I'm home. I also plan on sharing decorations around the house too because my mother, aka the Holiday Cheer Meister, has been decorating all week long and judging by the pictures she has sent me, I think our house deserves to be in Southern Living. If there are any specific posts you want to see please leave a comment on this post!

Work -- I decided that this December I will be going back to Lilly to work as well as waitressing. I am really pumped to go back to the store with the team to sell for the holidays. This time of year in the store is always the best (besides Splash Into Summer weekend!).

I also locked in a super exciting internship for the summer just yesterday. My major doesn't require me to have an internship for my degree but I really want to get a feel for what it's like working on the operations side of a company. This brand, I have collaborated with and I am so exited to work on emails, organization, PR, social media, and anything else they need for me to work on. It's a paid internship and will involve some weekend travel but for the most part, I can do the work at home because it's all online, graphic design, and PR stuff. This means that I can work at Lilly Pulitzer, waitress, and have this internship all at the same time. It's going to be a busy but insanely fun summer...

...but for now, I'm just going to focus on the holidays!



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