Lucy's Christmas Wishlist 2017

One of my favorite kinds blog posts to read and YouTube videos to watch are other people's Christmas lists. I think they're my favorite because they caters to my slightly nosey side and it helps me cultivate ideas for my own Christmas list. As I get older I find my Christmas lists getting shorter and shorter. I remember wanting all kinds of toys when I was in elementary school, and then in middle school all I wanted was what everyone else had like an iPod touch or Wallabees (*cringe*). In high school lists usually consisted of a nice pair of boots or gift cards and now as a college student, there's not to much that I can think of to ask Santa for.

At this point in my life, there are so many things that I would love to have but truthfully don't need. As I try to think of things to ask for from my parents I can only think to super practical things like a gift card to the grocery store or a pair of sheets. Yes, that's right -- I literally sent my mom a list in October with a pair of white sheets on it. She sent me back a text saying to try again. Since my mom rejected my "set of sheets" wishlist, I went on an internet treasure hunt and rounded up anything and everything that I would love to see under the tree with my name on it. Disclaimer: my mom, being the saint that she is, drove a pair of queen sized white sheets up to JMU for me as a random little gift -- seriously, she's the best! THANKS MOM ❤️

This is my ultimate Christmas list. It consists of everything I have seen online in the past few months that I am in love with. This is by no means a practical list, and I absolutely do not expect even a fourth of this list but hopefully it will help some of you add to your lists and mom, if you're reading this, here is the list you've been asking for since October haha -- seriously it was tough coming up with more than five things to add to this list. I do have a few things down below that I am completely obsessed with. I dish more about them below!

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| 1) Bow Button Down | 2) Barbour Beadnell in Navy| 3) 38mm Apple Watch Series 3 + Cellular | 4) Gold S'Well Bottle | 5) Kate Spade Cat Card Sticker | 6) J. Crew Pajama Set | 7) J. Crew Factory Bow Sweater | 8) Drybar Buttercup Dryer | 9) Invisibobble hair ties | 10) Kate Spade Cheetah Phone Case | 11) JMU Wooly Sweatshirt | 12) J.Crew Leather Bows | 13) Tory Burch Travel Fragrances | 14) Alarm Clock Docking Station for iPhone7 | 15) BaubleBar Mini Monogram Necklace | 16) KJP Rockefeller Ring |

The number one thing on my list is the Apple Watch Series 3 + cellular. A few of my sisters and even a couple of my friends have an Apple Watch and every single person has said they love it. The Series 3 + cellular is great because I can leave my phone at home and not have an issue with getting messages. The Series 1 feeds off your phone so if you don't have it with you, any of the items that needs data like email, messaging, calls, or Instagram would be disabled.

I am so into bows right now! I really love the white bow sweater from J.Crew. I asked for one last year and they sold out before Santa could get his hands on one 😉. The bow button down from Abercrombie is another winter 2016 favorite that sold out before I could get my hands on one. How classy is this?! I love a simple button down with a little girly flair to it. The black bow and trim is perfect and can be styled four seasons.

Last week before I left for Thanksgiving, my alarm clock broke. The one above is a dual alarm radio, perfect for separating M/W/F and Tues/Thurs class times and it has a dock so I can charge my phone at night and listen to music. It's the ideal radio. Everything that I have on my wishlist is linked down below! Finally, I really love the James Madison wooly sweatshirt. I don't have too much JMU gear and these wooly sweatshirts are the coziest. I love the purple too! I goes great with jeans, leggings, and shorts in the early fall. They're the best things to have to throw on even at the beach in the summertime. I also have nothing JMU purple so it would be cool to add something to my closet for gamedays!

What are you asking for for Christmas?? Let me know below!

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