Weekly Skinny November 29th

I cannot believe this is the last Weekly Skinny for November! This month flew by I think, where on the other hand October literally wouldn't end. November was all around a great month for me. The highlight was for sure heading home for Thanksgiving. I loved being home with my family again and seeing all of my sisters, and cousins. My mom has decked out the house and is looks like the pages of a Southern Living magazine. It wasn't quite finished. We still need to put ornaments on the trees, hang some stockings and put wreathes in the windows but as soon as it's finished I will share pictures. Seriously, every needs to see the fabulous job she did.

This month I also declared a writing minor which is a big academic step for me. Even though the minor is a handful of classes it's still something new to explore and dive into. I'm looking forward to next semester where I can learn writing theory and take intro to writing. As this semester winds down, finals season is kicking into full gear. Even though I don't actually take a final for two more weeks, my studying schedule begins this Thursday.

In between studying and getting back into the swing of school, I found a few things that just had to share with everyone!

White House Christmas 2017 -- It's not about politics, it's about holiday spirit! Have you seen the White House Christmas decorations this year?! Incredible. Her first holiday in the White House and Melania Trump and her team did an outstanding job designing the Christmas decorations. The decorations are outstanding, the dozens of lit trees throughout the house are fabulous. I can't wait to see more photos are the holiday seasons picks up!

Game of Thrones -- I started Game of Thrones two Thursdays ago and I'm already halfway through season four. This show is so good! It's definitely graphic. So much so that I had to force myself to sit through the first three episodes and then decide whether to continue watching it. I love the sets and the costumes and I absolutely love the plot twists. I think the main reason I am so hooked on the show is because you absolutely cannot predict what will happen next. Don't make the same mistake I did by picking your favorite characters and rooting for them, they'll turn on you, murder tons of people, or get killed. It shows a lot of blood for those who are squeamish just FYI.

Royal Engagement -- Everyone was talking about the Royal Engagement of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry on Monday. I am a big fan of the royals. I woke up super early to watch Will and Kate's wedding years ago and I'm so excited to watch Prince Harry's. I truthfully was a little surprised by the engagement but after seeing their engagement photos and their television interviews about their relationship I'm rooting for them!

Unqualified in the USC Gamma Phi Beta House -- Anna Ferris has the funniest podcast called "Unqualified". It's a culture and celebrity podcast which makes thing pretty lighthearted. I listed to this weeks on my way to campus yesterday morning and couldn't contain my laughter. She had a Tinder session with comedian Lane Moore. It was so funny to hear the commentary from Lane, Anna, and Sim and then hear the Gamma Phi's reactions in the background. I love this fresh idea of traveling to a life audience on a podcast. Anna just keeps giving me reasons to come back and listen the following week!

Bad Moms Christmas -- I saw Bad Moms Christmas a few weeks back with some ADPi's during initiation weekend and am just realizing I never shared about it. My dad and I love the first Bad Moms movie and I couldn't wait to see this second one. Me and about 2o other sorority sisters sat in the movies crying tears because this movie was so good. The comedy is hilarious and the cast is so talented. There's a cameo from "This is Us" star Justin Hartley and Christine Baranski (Martha May Whovier from the Grinch) plays Mila Kunis' mom. Go and see this film this weekend, you will not be sorry!