Weekly Skinny

Another Monday, another week to make great things happen. Despite the fact that virtually everyone in college is enduring finals right now, I'm feeling good. A lot of work is going on in University libraries all over the country but y'all we can do this, Christmas break is almost here! On a different note, JMU received it's first snow of the year this past weekend and it was beyond beautiful. It was perfect for keeping me trapped in the library but was breathtaking to watch when I got a little distracted from my work. I get to leave campus on Wednesday and I literally counting down the hours...I seriously cannot wait! Enjoy this past week's favorites!

JMU Quarterfinals Win -- If you're following along on Snapchat this December you saw me freak out of the JMU victory on Friday night. JMU is moving onto the semi finals of the CAA playoffs. We are current national champions and I would love to hold that title for another year.

SheInside Glitter Skirt -- I love glitter everything this time of the year. I have a great pair of glitter pants that I love so much and another pair of glitter shorts that look great with a black blouse and some chic heels. I have been looking for a perfect gold sequin skirt and I finally found one! This SheInside one is $13 and perfect for relive new years in January!

48 Easy Christmas Desserts -- I cannot wait to go home and bake Christmas desserts later on this week. We are hosting a few Christmas parties this season and I know I'm going to have to bake a few treats. I love this list of simple recipes from Country Living!

J. McLaughlin Christmas Tree Pants -- I am collaborating with J. McLaughlin next week for a holiday outfit and I am styling this great pair of pants. I seriously couldn't resist these velvet pants with embroidered Christmas trees on them! I wanted to share them with you ASAP so if you wanted them you could get them before the 25th!

Vine2 -- IT'S BACK. Yep, that's right. Vine is coming back. It was tweeted on Wednesday that Vine 2 would be coming back featuring all of our favorite six seconds video and allow us to create more. I always get sucked into watching vines on Twitter and I just had to share the news. Not fashion and lifestyle related but definitely exciting enough to share.

Pink Pineapple Shop Beanie -- I never thought I was a fan of beanies or stocking caps but I can't stop wearing my wool beanie from Pink Pineapple Shop. They have all natural fur pom poms that are detachable so you can mix and match them with other hats and poms. I have been wearing mine all weekend long. Even in the library or in my apartment when I'm chilly, it's perfect.

Army Navy National Anthem -- The Army Navy football game was this past weekend and singers from both schools sung the national anthem after a blessing over the game. It was so beautiful, I absolutely had to share it with you all.

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