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Can you believe that Christmas is only four days away. I feel like I was just beginning my sophomore year of college and now that's halfway over too! For many families, Christmas Eve is just as important as Christmas Day. In my family, half of the festivities begin on Christmas Eve including mass and a huge family feast.

Today I am sharing my favorite items for Christmas Eve outfits. From the items linked, you can really create casual or formal looks to fit your perfect occasion. I also tried to stick with items that you can wear to church as well for those who attend a service to celebrate the reason for the season. I love a classic black heel with almost everything linked but if you want to be dressier I linked two great pairs, one with sparkle and another with a classic plaid touch.

I want to note that I did infuse this post with preppy and trendy items. Trends like fun culottes, velvet tanks, and ruffled shoulders have continually made their way onto the fashion scene while plaid and classic waistlines have been returning for years and years. I love how during the holidays we can truly show off the mix of clothing. A classic pair of Easy Pants from J. Crew look incredible styled with number four, the one shoulder ruffle blouse. Similarly, the trendy metallic culottes will look stunning with classic black heels and a black or hunter green turtleneck. Everything is mainly from J. Crew, Target, or from various brands found at Nordstrom. A lot of Nordstrom finds can also be shipped before Christmas Eve which is a great feature the store is still advertising!

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