My Goals for 2018

I can't believe it's here and honestly, I wasn't ready to let 2017 go. 2017 was full of eye opening experiences, opportunities, and adventure -- I'm hoping that 2018 has just as much adventure, even more love, and some even better memories.

As I wrote this post, I looked over my goals for 2017 and I definitely fell short on most of them. I hate reflecting back to see just how poorly I measured up to my expectations. First, I wanted to hit the gym three times a week. This past semester I did in fact go to the gym three times a week and I loved it. It's getting to the gym that's tough, not actually exercising. I want to really try to keep that up, especially now that my apartment has a gym.

I also fell short when it came to reading 20 pages a day. That being said, I did read more lesiure books this year than I have in a while. I did really well with this goal for the first four months of the year and even over the summer but as school started up in August, reading for pleasure slipped away.

When thinking about my goals for the upcoming year, I wanted to have them expand over all facets of my life. First Iw start with praying even more. This includes going to church more often. It's tough to get to mass every single Sunday, but going when I can should happen. Another goal to improve the quality of my conscience are to be a better listener. I want to make sure if my friends have a problem, they can come to me and talk about it and I will give them my full attention.

Confidence boosters and big goals of the year are to consistently go to the gym, raise my GPA half a point, hit 27K on Instagram, prove someone wrong in a good way. I want to make sure I am being active and getting in my daily exercise. Although I walk a lot on campus, I want to tone and define my muscles this year. I have a pretty good GPA too, but again I want to work to raise it by half a point. If I do so, it will secure my spot on dean's list which is a huge goal of mine. Finally, I want to prove someone wrong in a good way. Whether it be on the blog, at school, or an extra curricular I want to prove my worth to those who doubt me. I'm excited to see where that final goal takes me and how I fulfill it.

I also want to make sure I am saving plenty of money this summer. I have two jobs and an internship as of right now, all paid, and all able to help accomplish my summer save goal of $2,500. This goal is so doable if I'm disciplined in my spending and determining what is a want and a need. Saving all that money will make me feel great, just as great as re-organizing my entire life. I want to completely de-clutter my life this year. Seriously, everything needs to go. I might sell clothes on Poshmark soon to try to get rid of things I never wear. I have already purchased school supplied needed to keep myself on track this upcoming semester.

Although I didn't quite meet some of my goals from last year, I did accomplish a lot in 2017. I was interacted with readers more, I kept up the once a day posting, I prayed more, I learned how to let go and have fun every now and then, and I spent more time in the library. I'm not stopping there though. Because 2017 was so productive, I am determined to make 2018 even better. I have no control over others but I have control over myself and my abilities to make the next 365 days fabulous! What are your goals for 2018? How do you plan on accomplishing them? Let me know!

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