Poppin' The Cork Outside of Quirk

2018. It's here. It's happening. Get excited. I can't say it enough, but I'm really excited for this year. There are a lot of thinks I want to accomplish and even though there are so many question marks down this year's road, I'm looking forward to meeting those challenges, accomplishing those goals, and forging new paths.

This year, I wanted to make sure I set everything off on the best foot possible and the way I know how to do that is with glitter. I purchased this dazzling black sweater weaved with gold tinsel from Forever21 just last week for $14. It was a surprise 50% off and comes in three different colors. It's slightly cropped so it's not too bulky with high waisted pants or skirts, but still looks great with low rise jeans. When I was home, I even threw it on with a pair of overalls and loved the way it looked with a pair of converse for a more modern look. It's one of those items that you can wear on New Years, during Christmas, or just for a fun night out or shopping day with friends. It's also pretty warm -- all in all, well worth $11.

For my bottoms, I styled the sweater with my black culottes from BooHoo. Again an $11 purchase. I have shared these pants on Instagram once or twice but haven't officially shared them on the blog with details. They have mini pleats which gives the pants a little more texture and makes them more interesting. I have styled them with black and white bodysuits, a silver glitter bodysuit, white blouses, and now this tinsel sweater. Culottes are so on trend right now -- I can't get over how comfortable and versatile this pair is.

BooHoo is a great place to shop for trendier items. I think you should invest in the classics like cashmere sweaters, a great pair of jeans, or a nice pair of timeless boots. Culottes however, aren't the closet staple that you want to be dropping a lot of money on. They will go in and out of style so quickly, it's not worth spending money on. It's a great place to buy your modern closet needs -- a couple of simple bodysuits, a cute high waisted skirt, and a trendy pair of pants. The best thing about BooHoo is even though the prices are already so great, then shipping to the U.S., everything is 50% off.

For shoes, I once again pulled out my Lulu block heels from Target. Out of all of the items I share on Instagram and the blog, these shoes gain the most attention. Seriously, they're comfortable and classic. It's this kind of shoe I would spend a lot of money on, but you don't have to because they're $30 at Target!

Pretend popping Martinelli's Sparkling Cider. One) I'm not 21 and 2) It's delish! These pictures were taken outside of the Quirk Hotel in downtown Richmond. I'm not kidding y'all it's my second favorite hotel, behind the Plaza of course. This hotel is decked out in the most fabulous shade of pink and adorned with cast iron railings and decor embellished with gold and white.

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