Weekly Skinny: January 6th

Welcome back to another Weekly Skinny! I love writing these posts but over break I don't think I wrote a single one. What's wrong with me?! Right now I am at the James Madison national championship game in Frisco, Texas and am having the absolute time of my life! One thing the Smith family has always spent time doing was going to collegiate sporting events. We were all raised UVa fans and I've done my time watching crappy football and losing a game in the last 2 minutes. Being a JMU student and fan is awesome because I can finally back a winning football team.

Yesterday, we left Richmond at 8am, flew to Atlanta, and then to Fort Worth. I have a slight fear of flying but today went extremely smoothly, thanks to my noise cancelling Beats! We joined the JMU crowd at a few bars downtown to pregame as soon as we checked into the hotel and shopped around a bit at the outlet mall across the street. Even my sister, Leslie, and her boyfriend drove over from Austin to partake in the festivities.

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack -- This movie was incredible. Hands down the best movie I saw all year long. Every single song on this album is incredibly catching and all mesh so well together to create one great musical. Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zendaya, and Zac Efron are all such talented singers they only add to the music. Pasek and Paul wrote and composed the music, so there's no surprise the album is fantastic. Just look at their work with Dear Evan Hansen.

The Heiresses by Sara Shepherd -- I started this book over the summer because someone left it at out beach house an I never finished it after vacation was over. I restarted it over Christmas break and forgot how intriguing the storyline is. Sara Shepherd wrote all of the Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game books so you know The Heiresses was going to be good too. It is Gossip Girl meets adult Nancy Drew. I love the Manhattan lifestyle Shepherd infused in the book too. If you need a book to read, this is a great one.

Lauren James Activewear -- AH FINALLY! I am so excited about Lauren James Active wear. They infused their oh so southern style with the best materials possible. I'm spending the early afternoon today with the Lauren James team in Plano helping release the line to social media and as always, Lauren James knocked it out of the park. If your resolution this year was to hit the gym, do so in style with LJ. I'm particularly in love with the laser cut bra and the scalloped work out shorts.

J. Crew Wrap Front Sweatshirt -- This is my favorite new clothing item when it comes to casual clothing. This wrap sweatshirt looks great with yoga pants, leggings, and jeans. I loved the first one I bought so much, I went to four other J. Crew's to find more. J. Crew just added a few smaller sizes online of this sweatshirt, but most are in stores only, you just have to hunt for them. Seriously, this is such a trendy style for activewear, and looks great layered with dainty necklaces and even bralettes.

Eye Buy Direct Readers -- I have pretty bad eyesight when it comes to seeing things up close so I have been on the hunt for a great pair of readers. Reader runtime gambit when it comes to prices but I was okay with spending a little bit of money just because I knew I would use them every single day. This pair of tortoise shell glasses from Eye Buy Direct are exactly what I was looking for. The ivory and caramel colored tortoise is so my style and as a whole, these glasses were about $25. To think I almost purchased a paid of $49 ones from Anthropology is absurd. If you need glasses go check out Eye Buy Direct. Shipping is really cheap too. You get 15% off your first pair when you sign up for email.

VSCO Cam -- I've changed the way I edit my Instagram photos over the past week to fit with my January theme. I do this through VSCO cam. I have had VSCO downloaded on my phone for months and months but never really learned how to use it. What I love about this app is that one, it's free and two, it comes with pre-set filters that I actually love using. Normally I never use the pre set filters on apps and on Instagram, but the VSCO ones are incredible. They're also very easy to mess around with and make your own. I'm really enjoying us using A6 and then tinkering with the contrast, tint, fade, and exposure. If you aren't too sure on how to edit photos for Instagram, check out VSCO as a great place to start.