Winter Recruitment Outfit Ideas

It's that time of year again! Recruitment is back for schools who rush in January! Its such an exciting time, especially for potential new members. Now that I have gone through rush on both sides, I think out of the two, I would rather be going through as a new recruit rather than as a recruiter. The questions regarding winter rush and what outfits to wear have flooded in over the last few weeks and today I'm sharing my top three outfits for different rounds of recruitment.

I split these outfits up based on the rounds that JMU has and although, most schools do things similarly, nobody does recruitment exactly the same. I have a skirt, a pant, and a formal dress outfit so you have plenty of options to choose from. I think when it comes to searching for the perfect outfit to wear for rush you need to find the perfect balance of professionalism while also infusing your personal style into your ensemble. All three outfits below have a feminine and classy style all while maintaining a level of professionalism which will impress any sisterhood.

Shop my Philanthropy Round Outfit

My outfit for philanthropy round is a mashup of preppy and modern chic. A white, tailored button down would look incredible with this wool ruffle skirt from J. Crew. This dark teal color is great for January and looks great with navy, black, white, gold, tan, or any other neutral color. I would style this skirt with sheer black tights and over the knee black boots to give your feet some rest before wearing high heels in the days to come. I would add a little sparkle to the ensemble with gold jewelry like a monogrammed necklace, a Daniel Wellington gold watch, and some pearl and gold earrings.

Shop Sisterhood Round

My sisterhood outfit is a classy and elegant pants and sweater combo with pearl accessories and a leopard shoe. I love a navy on navy combo for any season, but it works really well in the winter time. I think it's the colder month's version of white on white. The navy sweater with feather sleeves are so on trend right now, but don't overdo it. The pair of navy easy pants from J. Crew are not only perfect for spending all day in, but they're a staple that any college girl should have in her wardrobe.

Shop Preference Night Outfit

Out of all of recruitment, you want to be the dressiest on preference night. This is the night that you narrow down your options from two houses to one. Most girls wear a nice dress and a formal pair of heels to really make a final impression on the house of their choosing. I love this spaghetti strap black cocktail dress. Even though it's sleeveless you can style anything with it like a cashmere wrap or even a larger scarf around your shoulders. I would just take it off before going into a house. I would style this dress with black sheer tights and a pair of block heels which would be much easier on your feet. As far as jewelry goes, I would just add a little glamour to the outfit with this choker from Katie Dean jewelry.

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