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I shared an image of my desk at school on Instagram the other day and people love it. I was so surprised to see how many of you loved it. For me, my space at school has to be both a cute and inviting space all while keeping me on task and productive. I use my desk at my apartment a lot, where most students use the library on campus, I talk aloud when I study and I can't quite get that done at the library.

My desk is comprised of very inexpensive items which come together to make the perfect study environment. I wanted to make sure, that with a desk without drawers, that I would have everything I need for studying on top of the desk. I also wanted to ensure that I would have a space to write my daily tasks, post blog inspiration, pin up syllabi, and keep memories. I think that finally came up with the perfect set up and I am so happy to be sharing it with you today. Most of the items on my desk were either crafted myself, or purchased at inexpensive places like Target and eBay. I linked everything I possibly could below!

One -- This lamp is perfect for this space. The gold stand matches all of the other hardware in my room and the shade casts a nice warm glow. I have two of these and they were only $10 from Target.

Two -- This tassel garland was a three pack which I combined to make a multi colored strand. I wish it had a little bit of pink on it to add some warmth, but that might be added later. I bought the sheets of precut tissue on eBay but I think the already folded packs from Target are much better.

Three -- This bulletin board was yet another Target purchase. I pained the side navy blue to match the room. The finished product was super sloppy but I ended up painting it on a whim literally two nights before leaving for school in August.

Four -- These paper lantern lights are great on this desk. I think they are what finishes off the room all together. I like how they aren't the traditional Christmas lights that most people have. They have a little more polish and character to them. I also love them, because when I project movies on the wall, they stay on and don't effect the cast of the projector.

Five -- This U Boards gold metal white board calendar is the most recent addition to my desk space. Again the gold matches the rest of my space perfectly. The markers, magnets, and wire basket are also U Brands and all go really nicely. I also used a pop socket to hold up the light strand because I was out of command hooks and had to get ~crafty~.

Six -- This wooden file organizer seriously saves my life. I purchased some fancy little file folders to keep everything from drafted papers to lease agreements and personal files and special paper for my printer. It was super cheap from eBay and is perfect caddy cornered on my desk. The one linked is similar, the one I have is sold out!

Seven -- My porcelain face cup was a gift from my sister, Lisa, a few years ago and I fill it with all of the little knick knacks that I keep on my desk like post its, a flashlight, flash drives, my sorority name tag -- just little things that I find myself always reaching for so they need a place on my desk. This cup is from Target and I think there are still a few available!

Eight -- I needed to add a little personal touch to my desk top and these monogrammed notebook from May Designs are a great way to do so. I have a few here, one for shopping lists, one for random notes, and another strictly for blogging. They are a little pricey, but I love having them for spare notes and necessary lists. You can design absolutely everything in this notebook from the font to the color, print, and style of the page.

Nine -- My Lilly Pulitzer laptop sleeve is a something I wanted but at the time didn't really need when I bought it. I didn't realize how wrong I was. I love having a laptop sleeve to add a little extra protection to my laptop when in my backpack but it's also perfect for when traveling back home for breaks and on vacations. This one is really thick and protective and although it's a little bit more expensive because it's Lilly Pulitzer, I find that the money was well spent.

Ten -- My desk is set around my MacBook Pro because I do everything on it. All I do is take notes, make powerpoint projects, and write papers and speeches at this point in college so I need for my computer to be front and center. Although you can't see them, I added several stickers from RedBubble to my laptop to give it a more personal feel. My sister has great ones, so click here to shop her RedBubble store. Pro Tip: when it comes to RedBubble stickers, you can peel them off and restick them! I have taken my Tina sticker from Bob's Burgers off more times than I care to remember and she still sticks and the edges don't curl up!

Eleven -- I have two pencil cups on my desk. One for traditional black pens and pencils and another for colored ink and highlighters. Both are clear and were extremely affordable. The acrylic cup can be found here and the glass one was from the dollar section at Target and is no longer being sold. But here is a similar one. My silver dish was a gift from my mom a few years ago. It has my monogram on it and I keep an eraser, paperclips, and a few readily available push pins on it. Any jewelry tray would do for this, here is a great one! Finally, this is my acrylic stapler. I found this on eBay and love it. As I mentioned, I write a lot of papers and speeches so I knew it was important to have a stapler at the reader.

Twelve -- Although it's not listed on the picture, this is my printer. I just purchased this two days ago from Walmart and couldn't be happier with the one I picked. It scans, copies, and prints in both color and black and white. It had a very easy set up, and has wireless printing. I shopped at three stores to find an inexpensive, yet reliable one and this one took home the gold. The cheapest one at the Staples in Harrisonburg was $89 and this one was only $40. If you need a printer in your office space, this one is a great route to take!

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