Think Pink with J. Crew

As my style matures, I am finally starting to add black to my closet. As a high schooler, I thought color was the thing. I think I owned one black dress, maybe. I loved (and still love) Lilly, bright neon pinks, kelly greens and every color in-between but, I cannot believe I went so long without adding essential black garments to my closet. I looked around my closet at school the other day and realized that I didn't even own a black skirt -- something so essential in any young woman's closet.

I found this perfect faux-suede skirt from H&M the other day and cannot stop thinking of different outfits to pair it with. It was featured in yesterday's 30 Under $30, so you know you're getting a good deal with it! I styled it with my favorite ballet slipper pink sweater from J. Crew. The diagonal ruffle is so new and unique and the boiled wool is extremely soft and comfortable. So much so, I first thought it was cashmere when I tried it on.

I styled this modern chic outfit with my Calia over the knee boots from Target. I purchased them back in August for $50 but now they're on sale for $34. So many Targets have them in stores still, my friend Emma bought a pair for herself just this past weekend! To polish off this look, I tied my hair up with the classic velvet bow hair accessory from J. Crew as well. These babies sold out so quickly on J. Crew and because everyone loved them so much, J. Crew brought them back recently. I have to keep reminding myself that I don't need every color -- wanting them all is a different story!

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