Life Update: January

Wow, what a month it has been! January is always one of my least favorite months. I don't know if it's the post-holiday season setting in or how without snow, the earth looks like it's sleeping. Whatever it may be, each year, I always rush to get through January. As February rolls around, you start to see Spring in sight as well as the last half of the semester -- all exciting things ahead. As much as I sit here and write that January isn't my favorite time of year, I can't complain about how my 2018 has started. 22 days in and I having an incredible semester. Here's what's been going down. 


I'm finally back at JMU!  It's honestly nice to be back in the Shenandoah. It's weird -- after spending almost a month at home, it was nice to come back to my apartment. As much as the farm is home for me, my apartment at school is too. It felt like I was coming back home -- something I didn't feel when I came back to school last January. I'm really happy to say that I finally feel like I'm right where I need to be. Finally I feel right where I need to be at JMU. 

This semester, I'm just about wrapping up my general education courses which means from here on out, it's all communication classes -- something I'm so thrilled about. I have two writing classes for my minor, one gen ed class, and two communications classes. I love going to classes learning new things in my major. I silently thank myself almost every day for changing my major 8 months ago. You know you've found the right major when you absolutely love walking into class and enjoy reading the textbook #nerdalert

This semester I also feel like I just need to dive into new things. My freshman year I had so much time on my hands, and even as a first semester sophomore, even with a job added to my schedule I still felt as if I wasn't using my time correctly. As much as I love it, I just can't do sorority things all the time and I need variety and I need to expand my circle of friends. 

This semester, I joined the club tennis team and even got into Student Ambassadors at JMU! I'm so excited about club tennis. I've missed playing on a team so much this past year so I'm excited to get back on the court. I shared a little about Student Ambassadors on stories last week but it's basically the group of students that represents the university to people touring, accepted, students, and their families. We give tours all year long, welcome in accepted Dukes, and help uphold traditions on campus. I started the application process back in the beginning of October, made it through several rounds of interviews, and then waited to hear back. It was a long, yet rewarding process. Over 350 people applied and they accepted less than 60 people -- it's truly an honor to represent JMU as an SA. 

This semester is all about balance for me. I have found a great balance between my job and my academics but I felt like something was missing. I am now adding in a little sorority, a little exercise, and a little extra curricular to help round out my schedule. The weekends will be my time to socialize. I always work better when I have a busy schedule, there's no time to waste so I take every minute I can to get things done. I find I'm more efficient and actually in bed earlier as crazy as that sounds. I'm excited to see how this semester turns out with everything so exciting going on!


As I mentioned on Friday night on Snapchat, the blog is stressing me out. I pour all of my heart and soul into this blog and to not see too much change in my numbers worries me a little. To help steer things in the right direction, I asked for feedback on everything from the blog content to my editing on Instagram. I loved all of the feedback I received both on Instagram and Snapchat. I think it's great that I can communicate with so many of you so quickly, chatting with so many of you was a great treat this weekend. 

I understand that the blog changed all of a sudden, but I love all of the exciting things. Change is a good thing -- although I am maturing and sharing trendier items, the same preppy Lucy is still here. She's just a little more refined. I have been working really hard so hopefully, good things are coming for DDP. Who knows, I guess we'll have to wait and see! If you want to leave any comments or feedback, you can do so here! 

I am working on being more streamline on the blog as well. I mean taking care of all the details like editing every photo the same way, cropping photos to be the same, and using links that help you find the absolute best deals. So far, you all have loved when I use the swipe up feature to share try on hauls so you can shop my recent purchases. 

What I'm Loving

I can't write this post without sharing how beautiful the weather was this past weekend. Seriously, it was sixty degrees on Saturday with not a cloud in the sky. God couldn't have blessed us with a better day. A few friends of mine ended up going to a few day parties to soak up the sunshine. It was such a great day, we didn't have to Uber anywhere and just walked all over Harrisonburg. A truly incredible way to spend the day and get my steps in 😉. 

I am also so into watch Boy Meets World of all things on Hulu. I know this show is almost twenty years old but it's such a classic. I also am really enjoying competing in the Daily Dose of Prep Bachelor draft -- some of y'all are kicking my butt! I am so bad at answering the weekly questions🙈. 


January has been an absolute blessing to me so far. I don't think I day has gone by, good or bad, where I haven't looked around this great Earth and thanked God for everything. From the best of friends, to the perfect timing that it takes to make it to the bus after work on Mondays, I cannot be more thankful. 

This January, as we start a new year I am taking the time to physically stop and say a prayer of thanksgiving every single day. As stated in 2nd Corinthians 9:11 "you will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God". It is my responsibility as a Catholic to praise God and all the gifts He has bestowed upon me so I can foster my generosity. When we recognize the blessing we have, we are more likely to give our love and compassion to others, a gift that God gives us to give to others. 

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