Weekly Skinny: February 2nd

Can you believe it's already February. I've been back at JMU for just a few days shy of a month now, and so far everything has been great. I will say, I feel like my courses have been deceptively slow and things are going to pick up all at once. It's still dreary and frigid in the mountains but there have been signs of Spring here and there. Is it just me or are you also crazing to pull out your Spring wardrobe from the back of your closet. I am so over Bean Boots and puffer vests at this point.

February is such a tough time of the year for me when it comes to blogging. It's still very much so Winter, but everyone is coming out with Spring lines. I don't know what to promote and when to promote it! I want to share all of my faves for Spring, and trust me I have plenty, but I don't want to be shoving pastels and floral prints in your faces too early. Let me know in the comments if you are ready for Spring fashion!

This past week, I finalized my trip to New York City for Fashion Week. I still cannot believe that I am going to be sitting alongside a runway in one of those perfect white tents in Bryant Park. I am already planning on meeting up with some blogger babes of mine in the city and also found so much photo Inspiration on Pinterest. You will be seeing plenty of NYC on your Instagram feed once I'm in the city! I posted an Instagram photo and asked for your restaurant, shopping, and sightseeing suggestions, so make sure to check it out and comment your recommendations!

Lilly Pulitzer New Arrivals -- Lilly is starting to release their Spring lines and part of me is so happy because Spring and Summer Lilly is way better than Winter and Fall Lilly. The brand has been trying to push the envelope to keep up with current trends while staying true to their roots, which can be a tough thing to do now that trends change so quickly. I perused the website yesterday morning and picked out a handful of new items that I need in my closet! It's going to be tough resisting spending the money, especially yon the Nelle dress, but I'm a #brokecollegekid and groceries are a little more imperative than a dress!

| Silk one shoulder dress | Marvista Maxi Dress | Weslee Set | Skipper Romper | Nelle Dress | Julie Sneaker |

Lady Bird -- This movie is incredible. I loved absolutely everything about this Oscar nominated film, and it is a must see if you haven't already had the pleasure of viewing it. The Catholic school humor tied into the movie brings me back to my nine years of Catholic schooling. I loved the emotional plot, her determined attitude to get into college, and her sweet and supportive relationship the main character has with her father. The ending brought me to tears, the church calling you back home in a time of struggle and confusion is so real and truthful. Go and see this movie before it leaves theaters!

Joanne by Lady Gaga Acoustic -- Lady Gaga debuted an acoustic version of her hit song Joanne at the Grammy's on Sunday evening and it was beautiful. I always appreciated Lady Gaga's music, but ever since the Superbowl last year, I can't get enough of her songs. You can find her new rendition of Joanne below on my February Playlist on Spotify! Make sure to follow me there so you can keep up with all of my other playlists!

City Scape Pencil Cup -- I am a total desk accessory junkie...I mean there are worse things to be obsessed with I guess? In a PR package from Pantene last week, in addition to their sheer volume line, they sent me just about every item from the Kate Spade desk collection. Since then, I have completely reorganized my desk and all of my materials for school. I found this pencil case from Anthropologie and want it for my work space. It's so unique and isn't too expensive

Kate Middleton Pregnancy Fashion -- Kate Middleton is six months long in her third pregnancy and I am following her pregnancy very closely. I love the Royals, especially Kate because she is such a trendsetter and looks incredible in everything she wears. Whether she's playing field hockey or visiting Sweden, she always looks radiant. Today published this article featuring Kate's best maternity looks from 2012 when she was pregnant with Prince George to now. If you're a Royal family nerd, you'll love it!

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