Weekly Skinny: February 16th

Happy late Valentine's Day loves! I can't believe that we are halfway through February. January felt like it was years long and now it feels like February is flying by! Before we know it, it'll be Spring Break! It's currently 70 degrees here in Harrisonburg, you read that right. Seventy. Degrees. I love seeing these warm days pop up on the radar every now and then. I counteract that last sentence though by saying, the forecast is calling for snow on Saturday. The weather this time of year in Virginia is always so crazy. We go from balmy 70 degrees and sunny, and less than 48 hours later, it'll be a brisk 31 degrees and snow showers.

Not to mention, this Saturday I give my first tour as a your guide at JMU! This weekend is Choices which is the admitted students day for those who were accepted early to the university. I'm so beyond nervous to give my first tour, but also extremely excited to share all about JMU and chat with prospective students. Email me if you're coming to choices! I already received a few emails and messages about readers who want to come on my tour! I love hearing that readers are interested in coming to JMU so if you are accepted and want to ask questions, just shoot me an email!

It's been a crazy week here for me. It started off Monday, which was spent on the train back from New York. Sadly, there was no way to get back in time for class which set me back for the week. Tuesday I had my first exam of the semester. Five weeks in and I'm finally being tested on something. It feels like this semester is a lot of paper writing, project making, and very little test taking. I turned in a paper on Monday, took a PR test on Tuesday. turned in a history paper on Wednesday, and took another test yesterday in intercultural communications. You see, crazy week. I'm happy we made it folks, it's the weekend and is it going to be a fun one! There are a few events planned throughout this weekend, and of course, the tours on Saturday!

The Assassination of Gianni Versace -- HOLY NAME. Y'all have to watch this show. This is the second season of American Crime Story by Ryan Murphy and is beyond incredible. First, let's start with with the stellar casting. Darren Criss, Penelope Cruz, Edgar Ramirez, Ricky Martin, and Max Greenfield. Darren Criss' character, Andrew Cunanan, murdered Versace (along with several other people), and this season is all about the past of Cunanan, why he murdered Versace, what Cunanan was after, and how he was caught. It's captivating, intriguing, twisted, and something you cannot miss! If you want to catch up, you can watch it on FX online by logging into your TV provider.

If you haven't seen in, make sure to watch season one of the series, which centered around the trails of O.J. Simpson. It's on Netflix, so it's virtually accessible to just about everyone. I watched the first season in about three days because it 's that good. Again, perfect casting for The O.J. Trails and an extremely well-written script.

Damon & Jo -- Last week when I was planning my trip to New York City, I went on YouTube and searched for hidden gems of NYC. I wanted to go places that weren't as touristy as Times Square or Broadway, I wanted to do NYC like I know my way around -- and for the most part, I do. I ended up falling into the "YouTube hole" and watched travel videos for the better part of two hours. That autoplay man, it gets me every single time! My searches led me to Damon & Jo's YouTube channel, with their tagline as "shut up and go".

Damon and Jo are two best friends who met at Pace Univeristy in NYC years ago. They now have a successful YouTube channel where they travel around the globe and share their tips for traveling cheaply and safely, while also having the best time possible. They travel so much, they each speak several languages. My favorite videos of theirs are the "French Friday" videos. Since I started watching them, a lot of my French has come back. I love being able to watch something I enjoy while subconsciously practicing my French.

Lilly Pulitzer SWIM -- THEY'RE BACK! After years of being off the market, Lilly Pulitzer finally brought back swimwear. I have known about this for about a year now and I so happy to be able to share it with you all. These suits launched yesterday, so they're plenty left. This collection has triangle bikinis, tankinis, one pieces, and so many bottoms to choose from as well. I cannot get over the lattice front one pieces or the cross back one piece (can you tell I'm a one piece gal)? The collection also features a few cute-as-can-be cover-ups. I need to get my hands on that Natalie coverup! Shop the entire line here!

Gingham Swing Dress -- I told y'all I'm finished shopping for Winter and this gingham swing dress puts the nail in that coffin for sure. This pastel yellow, gingham swing dress from Nordstrom practically screams Spring. I love the tiers on this dress and the flow they give the entire outfit. I would style this more casually, so sneakers, espadrilles, or a casual pair of wedges. I have a red gingham dress similar to this which I wear more in July and August, but this buttercup yellow is perfect for Springtime.

Watercolor Printed Chino -- Once again, Spring apparel! Nobody does chinos better than J. Crew and this pair of watercolor floral chinos are great for April. I love the classic royal blue and navy. They would look great paired with a crisp white shirt, pink, navy, and I think yellow would look spectacular. These are also on sale so make sure to check them out!

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