Parmesan Potatoes

I cannot get enough of this parmesan potato recipe, I have to share it with you all! I was craving roasted potatoes the other day and decided to roll with what I had in my kitchen. This recipe is super simple and is something easy to make when you have people over. It's also a side where you can leave it alone in the oven while cooking other things. I usually start my dinners cooking these potatoes, and then move into other veggies and chicken.


1 1/2 cup of red skin potatoes

4 Tbsp. of olive oil

Two cloves of garlic

1/2 Tsp of rosemary

Grated parmesan

To start, I halve the potatoes and then cut them into fourths making eight total pieces from one potato. You can make the cubes bigger, but I make them a little smaller so they cook faster in the oven. I don't peel the potato, but you're welcome to do that if you'd like. Once you have all of your potatoes washed and cut, place them into a sauce pan on medium high heat. Cover them with water to the point where the potatoes are fully submerged. Boil the potatoes until you can easily pierce them with the tip of a knife. You want to ensure they are extremely soft. I threw a pinch of salt into the water to start adding flavor to the potatoes too.

Once your potatoes are soft, drain them in a colander. Once drained, swirl the potatoes in the colander. The point of this is to get the soft potato stuck on the ridges of the colander. This will give them texture, allowing for them to crisp better in the oven. Once you're happy with the texture of your potatoes, place them in a Ziploc bag and add in your olive oil. I love garlic on roasted potatoes, so I put two cloves in a garlic press for a nice, fine chop. I also love rosemary on potatoes and use the store-bought container. It's finely chopped too so I don't have to do it (always a time saver). If you don't have rosemary or don't want to buy any, sometimes I sprinkle on Italian seasoning instead and that too gives the potatoes a really nice flavor.

I evenly spread the potatoes on an aluminum foil lined baking sheet and pop them in the oven at 400°F. I make sure that they are laying on their skin side, so the flesh of the potatoes can roast. Once they're in the oven, I leave them for 20 minutes and don't touch them. Don't open the oven door or anything, just let them do their thing.

Around minute twenty, you will definitely see the color of the potatoes start to turn a golden brown. I open the oven door and sprinkle on grated parmesan cheese. There's no real measurement for this, just sprinkle on as much as you want. I buy the cheese in the container at the store because I can use it on pastas and veggies if I want to. I let the potatoes cook for about 10 minutes more, or until they're golden brown.

These potatoes are so delicious and really simple to make. I know the dual step of boiling the potatoes, then popping them in the oven takes some time, but it's so worth it. I like to roast up broccoli alongside my potatoes and cook up a chicken breast in my frying pan. This meal is one of my staples on college when I want a "home cooked meal". It's above and beyond any frozen pizza or pasta dish you could make. Enjoy!