Save vs. $plurge: Spring

Just a few more weeks until Spring is officially here. I don't know about where you live, but here in Harrisonburg, Spring is already giving us teasers. Temperatures are getting up to the mid-seventy's (which I personally love). Some say it's too early for warmer weather, but if it means I can wear my Chacos to class or throw on my all time favorite Berry printed short sleeve sweater from J. Crew, then so be it. As I've mentioned in previous blog posts, I'm done with Winter. I'll gladly ride out the rest of the season in sweatshirts, leggings, and my Ugg boots, but as far as shopping for colder weather, that will have to wait until October.

I'm calling it right now, duck egg blue is going to be the color for Spring, along with deep blush, and crisp white. Y'all white shoes are everywhere, I wouldn't be surprised of I saw white on white on white outfits this upcoming season. On the right of the image is where I feature my "splurge" items. The LWD (little white dress) at the bottom is first up on my to buy list. This lightweight ruffle drop waist dress looks incredible with espadrilles, wedges, sneakers, and sandals. It's a late March through early September dress that we all need in our closets! This Spring you'll be seeing a lot of lighter looks, with fun florals everywhere. Also be on the lookout for incredible bottoms. I see the Bermuda short is back in (hello, middle school Lucy), but we also see paper-bag pants and linen culottes which I am so stoked about.

With so many trends coming out, it's important to know what to save on and what to splurge on. I think it's best to save on quick trends that might not be around next season. It's safe to spend a little extra money on classic items that will stick with us for a while.

For my Save side, I picked all trendy items that could go out of style quickly. H&M right now has incredible items and so does Forever 21. F21 has a ton of those retro florals I was talking about, along with the now-in asymmetrical overlapping skirts. They'r not my cup of tea, at least not for right now -- I could have a change of heart. I am obsessed with the "safari" look right now. The cropped paper bag pants and neutral lyocell shorts are so cute! I need those striped ones linked below. They would look great with a brown sandal and a simple blouse. I also love that fun eyelet ruffle blouse at the bottom of the page. That will look incredible with a basic pair of jeans and mules or sandals. It's so inexpensive, it for sure will be coming home with me soon!

On the splurge side, I think everyone should invest in a great navy sweater. I have several I love, and this J. Crew one would fit right in with my collection. The high neck ruffle is so chic and adds something special to the outfit. I also love the duck egg blue dress. This is a TopShop dress that isn't too pricey but will take a chunk our of you budget if you're out shopping, which is why it ended up in the splurge side. The dress come's in several colors but seriously, this blue is great for Easter, memorial day, or any sunny spring day. When it comes to blush, I love infusing it into any outfit through accessories. Blush is my favorite color right now, so much so that I almost see it as a neutral. The Old Skool Vans in sueded blush are adorable and the pair I linked are on sale for $10 off. These shoes are so comfortable and can be styled with anything. If you want to go casual and throw them on with leggings and a sweatshirt, go for it. I would even style them with that eyelet blouse I recently talked about from the "save" side.

Shop Save

Not Pictured: suede belted wrap skirt

Shop Splurge

Not Pictured: Stripe Jumpsuit

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