15 Little White Dresses for Spring

Ladies, can you believe it?! It's just about that time to pull your favorite little white dresses (LWD) out from the back of your closets and to the front. Although we've barely made a dent in March, and are nowhere close to Memorial Day, in modern fashion, wearing white before the "proper time" is almost irrelevant. I'm a big traditionalist, but the restrictions for wearing white in the fashion world are dead and gone.

I believe every girl needs a LWD in her closet, just as much as they need a LBD and a LND (little navy dress). I think white is a color that looks great on every single skin tone and with every hair color. This dress is the go to dress in every woman's closet that she can rely on from mid-March through early September. I've found myself thanking God for my LWD time and time again because it's the dress I can grab throughout the summer when I need to change quickly. I always know it looks great, I feel great in it, and I can dress it up or down.

Gals in high school and college, before leaving for school I grabbed my white dress last minute as a "just in case" move. THANK GOD I DID. I wear my LWD to chapter meetings, ritual sessions for ADPi, and to photoshoots. I wear the same one I wore on my high school graduation and it has yet to fail me. That's the incredible thing about these dresses. It can have ruffles, statement sleeves, a funky hem line, or unique stitching but because of the classic color and universal nature of the LWD, it never goes out of style.

I like to have a few LWD in my closet for any occasion. If you want to dress things up, you can always slide on a pair of fun pumps or wedges, but if you'd rather go casual it's always smart to style your LWD with a pair of comfortable sandals or stylish sneakers. Below I shared fifteen of my favorite little white dresses for the Spring and Summer seasons. I shared dresses at all different price points that range range from the casual side to the dressier side as well. My favorite on this list is the Mia Dress from SugarLips, which is sold at Tuckernuck. I purchased it earlier this week and cannot get over the flirty ruffles, drop waist hem, and hidden pockets! It was under $90, which I was totally willing to spend because the style is classic and the dress is so unique to anything I've ever seen.

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