Meghan Markle's Style Made Affordable

Meghan Markle's style is quickly coming through to the forefront of our Instagram feeds. Each day, as she becomes closer and closer to entering the Royal family, we see more and more pictures of her trendy yet classy style. She has taken her American roots and implimented them on polished British Prep style. Although we all want to be a royal, we can all assume none of us will every get there. However, you don't have to spend money like a royal to dress like one. I doubt any of us will be meeting and greeting the people of Birmingham anytime soon, so the need for calf length wool trench coats and tea length dresses aren't needed in our closets. Despite our lack of Royal agenda, I think Meghan Markle's casual style is impeccable and can easily be implemented into our wardrobes.

I am a total Royal Family junkie and follow the news about the family pretty closely. I am always on Town and Country reading up on Kate's pregnancy with prince or princess number three and am constantly on the lookout for Meghan and Harry's next outing just so I can see what she's wearing. She has proven to be just as much of a trendsetter as Kate is. When I saw Meghan step out yesterday for International Women's Day in a classic J. Crew wool coat priced at $300, I knew I could find similar items to share with y'all. She's practical, classy, and a modern fashion icon -- here are four of my favorite casual outfits of hers made affordable.

Casual Weekend with Harry

This outfit was worn back in mid-September on a casual day our with Prince Harry. This simple ensemble makes classic statement on the street. Although it looks easy going, she dropped quite a bit of money on the shirt alone. This "Husband Button Up' from Misha Nonoo is priced at $185.00 -- definitely out of my price point. I love how crisp, classic, and easy going this look is while still being polished and put together.

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Running Errands in the Winter

Even in the dead of Winter carrying bouquets of flowers whilst in a rush, Markle still looks incredible. This look reminds me a lot of Kate Middleton becsaue although both dress impeccably well, I think Kate has style that is slightly more tailored than Meghan's. Kate is more so a "classic prep" style, where Markle has a fresher and trendier wardrobe. This outfit is made up of basics that we should all add to our closets. Her Barbour, dark denim jeans, and Hunter wellies are perfect together. Shop the look below.

PS: I included a real Barbour below as well as a less-expensive Barbour look a like.

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White on White Resort Chic

I'm not too sure where this outfit was worn, but I can say that Meghan looks incredible in a classic white on white combo. I think white is a color that anyone can wear, it looks fabulous with any skin tone and any hair color. You can't beat a crisp button down tucked into skinny ankle jeans. Her white hat with the black ribbon is both practical and a statement piece for this outfit. I can see she's also carrying a navy sweater, so I linked my favorite one from J. Crew below. I can't see which shoes she's wearing, but I would go with a pair of nude or navy flats or black sandals.

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Denim on Denim Casual

Meghan is often seen coming to and from yoga. In this look, she seems to be heading out for the day, yoga mat in tow. I love how she styles practical pieces together. Her closet is full of button downs, simple and chic blouses, and staple bottoms. She seems to love a great pair of flats and a sassy pair of sunglasses.

In this outfit, Meghan styles a pair of distressed jeans with a lighter chambray top. To keep warm, she threw on a black field jacket and a black baseball cap for a more casual look.

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