Go-To Casual Outfit

Temperatures are rising, slowly but surely. It's nice to see less cloudy days and more sunshine as we approach Spring. I am really getting into wearing navy, denim, white, and any neutral colors that I can swap out with one another. As much as I love bright pinks, yellows, and greens, sometimes it's nice to wear a basic outfit and let the classic pieces do all the talking. Nobody said you had to dress loud to make a statement.

There is something so elegant to me about a classic white button down shirt. I love how versatile they are and how you can find one to fit any price point. I know H&M sells a couple of great ones for around $20 and Nordstrom sells them reaching up to $300. The great thing about them though, is that you don't have to spend a ton of money on a classic outfit if you don't feel like it. I style my button downs underneath dresses, paired with skirts, under sweaters, and with my favorite pair of jeans. I love these high waisted slightly distressed jeans from H&M.

I was a firm believer that if you wanted to spend money on an item of clothing, it should be your jeans. H&M completely changed that mindset for me. In January I ended up at H&M one day on a Friday afternoon just trying to waste a little time, and tried on a few pairs of their jeans. Holy name, y'all these jeans changed my entire thought process about shopping for a great pair of denim. These high waisted jeans were just $15. Seriously, fifteen dollars! H&M sells all styles of jeans too. From straight to skinny, cropped, and distressed -- any style you need, they probably carry. H&M also sells a wide variety of colors in stores and online as well. Before checking Nordstrom for your next pair of jeans, do some window shopping at H&M. When trying on, keep in mind that it's a Swedish company so sizing in virtually everything they sell runs small!

When styling a button down and jeans on their own, it's up to the accessories to do all the talking. It was a beautiful and sunny day on this particular afternoon, so I styled my packable hat from J. Crew with the outfit. I wore this hat all last year to the beach and it never failed to be the one thing I was always grabbing for. It's easily packable, and easy to style. J. Crew makes timeless products with great quality materials, so I was okay with spending a little more money on it (it was still a pretty decent price though). It's proven time and time again to be a Spring and Summer staple.

My mules also helped the outfit stand out. I love these mules so much. Spending $600 on a Gucci pair just will never happen for me, so this $22 pair from Target is just perfect. They're comfortable and easy to slip on and off. They're in between a sandal and a flat, which is nice for this seasonal transition. For an extra statement piece, I styled my watch from KJP. They released their watch collection a few weeks back and they were way too kind to send one to me. I love this World Adventurer watch with the red and navy band. The gold watch face matches a ton of my gold jewelry as well. Use the code "LUCYKJP" for 15% off your purchase at kjp.com.

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All of these photos were taken by my insanely talented friend, Annie Hoilman. We went to high school together and since parting ways for college, she has been working on her photography business and I've been working on my blog. The two of us kind of make the bread and butter for cool photos. Annie is so talented and does family shoots, senior photos, weddings, blog pictures, and Christmas cards. If you live in Virginia or in the states surrounding Virginia, she is someone to call for your photography needs! Click here for her website and to inquire further! Click here to see her Instagram with her other projects!

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