Weekly Skinny: March 13th

Okay, can we just take a minute to talk about how we're at the halfway mark of March. What? Let me repeat, what the actual heck. Where did March go? Before we know, it'll be Easter, then finals week, and then summer vacation. This semester has flown by, which is kind of bitter sweet. As great as it feels to have another year of college under my belt, I have loved this year -- especially Spring Semester.

Yesterday, classes resumed on the snowiest day JMU has seen all year. I'm still a little bitter about the fact that JMU didn't cancel class. Yesterday was also the Monday to end all Mondays. It started off with the weather. Let's just leave it when I say, busses don't have four wheel drive. I ended up losing my house key after rearranging my room yesterday so I was locked out of my house from 8am until 10pm. I couldn't go home until another one of my roommates was home to let me in. I also left my student ID and wallet at home. I was going to buy myself lunch on campus, since I couldn't go home and eat, but without those two things food was pretty much impossible to get. A long first day back followed with work, chapter, and a three hour long meeting made for an all around sub-par Monday. I had to keep reminding myself that God gives us nothing we can't handle and at least I remembered my snow boots and my parka, right? I even remembered to grab my reading book, so I had something to do in between meetings.

I'm hoping this is the last snow of the Winter. I would love to see those early blooms on the trees blossom and see some flowers begin to sprout. I reorganized my closet yesterday and pushed all winter to the back. Out of sight, out of mind (unless it's snowing lol). Even though I experienced a rather poor Monday, Tuesday already seems to be going much better. The snow stopped, I found my Student ID and house key, and I finally tackled organizing my desk. Over Spring Break I found a few things that I just had to share with you! Everything from podcasts to pairs of shorts, here's what I've been loving this week!

Potterless -- All you Harry Potter fanatics out there should definitely listen to the Potterless podcast. You can find it on iTunes as well as Spotify. The podcast is hosted by Mike Schubert, a 25 year old who has never read Harry Potter before. He's hilarious and predicts what he thinks will happen in the following chapters as he progresses through the series. Oftentimes, his predictions are hilariously incorrect. He also likes to poke holes in many of the fan theories as well as many of the plot lines. He focuses on the book, not the movies too for all of you who thinks the books are way better than the movies🙋🏼‍♀️.

Lilly Pulitzer x Potter Barn -- Finally, Lilly Pulitzer is bringing back that infamous bedding that we all love, but only few can find. Two years ago, I managed to snag an XL twin duvet from the Garnet Hill collaboration and have since received dozens of questions on where to buy them. I hunted everywhere for y'all and could never find anything. I'm so happy that Lilly is teaming up with Potter Barn to create bedding, towels, and home goods that will undoubtedly make a statement in our homes. It launches on March 16th (THIS FRIDAY) in all Pottery Barn, PB Teen, and Pottery Barn Kids stores. This is just as anticipated as the Target launch, so if you want something from this collection start devising a battle plan!

SugarLips -- I discovered the SugarLips brand through browsing online at Tuckernuck. They collect inventory from a variety of different vendors, SugarLips being one of them. I purchased this dress that I can't stop raving about from this brand, which led me to explore what else they had to offer. Some of their clothes aren't quite my style, but are all really cute. They just released their first line of Spring and everything is offered at great prices too!

Cassia Skort -- Lilly Pulitzer sometimes creates the exact same dress in different prints. They're total classics and best sellers, so I understand why they do this but sometimes the creators at the Pink Palace roll out something brand new and they always blow me away. This skort is a perfect example of that. This asymmetrical skort is so modern but throws back to vintage Lilly with a pink and green lion print. I want to style it with Jack Rogers and a white Polo or button up. I need this skort in my life for easy Spring style!

My Favorite Shorts -- Last Summer, J.Crew released a few pairs of high waisted ruffle shorts and they were to die for. I scooped up a pair on sale last July and wore them from then on through September. They are a modern classic, and something that every gal should have in her wardrobe. This year, J.Crew Factory is selling them for $32! They were double that price at the regular J. Crew! I immediately purchased a pair of navy ones when they were released last week, to replace my chinos I purchased five years ago. They come in several solid colors as well as a blue and white seersucker.

Beauty by Mi --I was wasting time on YouTube the other day and came across the Refinery29 channel. I started watching a series called "Beauty by Mi". It's essentially a YouTube series of videos featuring all kinds of beauty treatments, hacks, and products in 10 minutes or less. I think I watched an hour worth of these videos on Sunday. I saw her try microblading, bubble facials, and how Secret deodorant is tested. It caters to my want to learn more about beauty products and my side that loves facts and seeing how things are made. If you enjoy beauty and seeing the effects of different beauty treatments, this series is for you!

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