Sophomore Year Apartment Bedroom Tour

I'm finally sharing my sophomore year apartment bedroom with y'all! I put off posting this for so long because I didn't think it lived up to my dorm from freshman year. I loved that dorm, my roommate, and my hall mates. I put a lot of time in my decor last year and by living in such a small space, I learned how to be organized, cleanly, and all round a more put together person. I carried that organization into my sophomore year, utilizing a lot of it in my bedroom.

I skipped dorm living and rented an apartment this year. I live with three other girls. We all have our own room and bathroom, and the apartment also comes with a full kitchen, pantry, living room, washer/dryer, and deck. It's pretty close to campus and has ample parking which is really nice too. Even though I do have the luxury of having my own bedroom and bathroom, the bedroom is pretty small. Despite it's lack of square footage, I don't really need anything bigger. I don't have too much stuff and there's a place for everything. The apartment also came furnished which was a huge time and money saver. The one thing that I don't love is there's no way to configure my furniture without my bed being up against the wall -- apart from this, I'm really content with my living set up.

For my bedroom, I stuck with the same color scheme as my freshman year dorm. Almost everything I used last year in my dorm configured into this room perfectly, so why buy more? I did receive my queen sized headboard pillow from Leigh Deux in August and I love it! You can purchase twin sized, full sized, and king sized ones here in dozens of colors and patterns. You can even get them monogrammed if you'd like. I purchased the white and navy comforter from Overstock in August, and I'll say I'm not pleased with it. Honestly, it's turned out to be pretty poor quality and it's a little scratchy. Here is a much more reliable one with a similar style. My wooden wall monogram was pink last year, but I painted it navy over the summer because I thought it would match better. You can purchase that here!

The one thing that drastically changed between last year and this year was my desk set up. I brought full bulletin board with me in August and love how it adds to the room as a whole. To help it match the bedding, I painted the wood frame navy. Additionally I purchased this gold frame calendar over winter break and it has drastically improved organization of due dates and meetings. It's nice to be able to see everything laid out in front of me, especially when the text is larger than what I read in my agenda. Most of my desk accessories are from Kate Spade and were a gift in a PR package. The simplicity of the gold and acrylic containers are so elegant; I love the way they look as a collection. You can shop them all below.

My desk has no drawers, but it does have a small shelf at the bottom of the legs. Here I keep my printer, my textbooks, and my 8 packs of La Croix. I searched high and low for a reliable printer this semester, and I love my Epson. It was only $46 and scans in addition to printing. It doesn't print front to back which is it's only downside.

When I first moved into my apartment I thought my room would have a walk in closet, which I was sure I needed. Wow, was I so wrong. What you see here is all of my "nice" clothes that I brought to school, with the addition of tee shirts and sweatshirts at the bottom in my Scout Junque Trunk. My closet goes further back into the wall from what this picture shows, but there's no point in showing y'all because my clothes don't go back that far. My dresser has one drawer for bras and underwear, another for athletic wear, another for jeans, and shorts, and a fourth drawer for things like a poncho for football games, my camera, or Halloween costumes.

PRO TIP: When packing for college, don't bring tons of clothes. I wear business casual clothes for chapter meetings, interviews, and presentations and that's pretty much it. I needed to pack more clothes for taking pictures for the blog, but four out of five days I have classes, I'm in sweats. Out of all the clothes you pack, the majority of those should be sweatshirts, tee shirts, and sweats -- that's what you'll end up wearing the most of anyways.

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