Spring Playlist

I have been loving Spotify recently! I don't go anywhere on campus without my Beats or without a pair of ear buds. I'm always listening to music, creating new playlists and finding any excuse to listen to music. Recently, I have been on the hunt for a great podcast or two to listen to as well. Spotify offers podcasts now, which I didn't discover until just recently, and I am loving exploring the podcast page! I've shared it before, but the Potterless Podcast is a current fave of mine, so if you're into Harry Potter and enjoyed reading the books, this podcast is hilarious, and fills you with the joy of reading them for the first time. As always, the Unqualified podcast with Anna Faris and David Dobrik's Views podcast are still on my favorites list too

I have had so many requests over the past three weeks to share my playlist for spring. This time last year, the Ed Sheeran Divide album came out, which I personally loved. I know every word to that soundtrack and I have freshman year memories or me having a spring cleaning session in my dorm with all the window open, while blasting this album. When creating my spring 2018 playlist, this album was the first one on it. Everything else on my list is compiled of suggestions Spotify offered. I would say it's comprised of mostly feel good country music, happy folk music, and current pop. All in all, it's a playlist that I has been on repeat for several weeks now. Click here to follow along because I add a song or two to it every day now! I don't want you to miss out on any new music!

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