Weekly Skinny: March 26th

What a crazy week it's been! I have had an extremely relaxed semester so far. Although the course load has been tough and rigorous, I haven't felt like I was drowning -- until now. When you major in speech and paper based classes you mainly have readings and small assignments throughout the semester and one large project due that counts towards your final grade. My history and public relations classes are the opposite, but my writing and intercultural communications classes are loaded with projects. I knew what I was signing up for, but having everything due at once really has really hit me hard. I spent all weekend trying to get organized for April, knowing that it's going to be a strenuous month. It came to the point where I just had to admit to myself that there would be no easy days and no days of rest. Every Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Sunday evening would be full of outlining, editing, and writing -- no way around it. It's time to hit the gas and finish strong.

It's weird to think in five days, we'll be ushering in April with open arms and hopes of warmer weather. I don't know about y'all, but I don't know how much longer I can wear my parka. I'm so sick of looking at it and washing it. I just want to slip on my favorite pair of chino shorts or wear a dress without feeling the need to take a sweater with me. I also can't wait to get through these next five days and celebrate Easter with my family. I haven't seen my grandparents in months and it'll be nice to sit down and catch up. I also haven't seen my parents since spring break, and I miss them! I have two exams, a paper, two tours, three sorority meetings, one student ambassador meeting, and two philanthropy events to get through before I can make my way down I-64 back home. From April on, there are only 29 days left of sophomore year -- 19 days if we don't count weekends. Seriously, how exciting is that!

What I'm Drinking -- Because it's still Lent, I'm only drinking water mostly. I gave up every carbonated drink, and I've only broken once for a ginger ale I was in dire need of for stomach purposes. I know, nothing too exciting there. I am loving the Crystal Light Lemon Iced Tea packets though, which bring a little flavor into my day. If I want something tastier, I'll have a glass of V8 Topical Splash juice. It reminds me of summertime for some reason, and only gets me that much more excited for the end of sophomore year. I've been starting my mornings with a piping hot mug of raspberry tea as well, which is the only thing keeping me warm during these chilly, early spring days!

What I'm Eating -- I've been pretty good about not eating out, or getting Chick Fil A. Part of this is because of my super limited budget, but also I love cooking and I have been using the little bit of spare time I have to cook a homemade meal in the kitchen. I know when I go home for summer in a month, I won't get the chance to cook that much due to waitressing dinner shifts. These shifts usually result in getting discounted food at the restaurant or stopping by Cook Out on the way home. I have really enjoyed using consommé in my meals to give my food a little more flavor recently. It's essentially a concentrated block of chicken flavoring that you dilute in water to make chicken stock. I made the most delicious tortellini gratin using it two days ago and I can't wait to share the recipie with you with you!

What I'm Reading -- I am reading two books right now. The first is the Selection Series. This book is a fantasy dystopian book that was recommended by so many of you! When I finished King's Cage after Christmas, I asked for suggestions and this was the most suggested series. So far it's actually pretty good! It's definitely a quick read which is nice, and it's one I can follow easily. Another book I'm loving is Aliza Licht's Make Your Mark. It's a book all about her climb to the top of the public relations field. She was head of DKNY public relations and spills all of her tips to help you reach your dreams as well. I'm three chapters in and have already learned so much! It just came out in paperback, so you can purchase it at a cheaper price now too!

What I'm Watching -- I'm still keeping up with Riverdale, but it's starting to get a little over the top for me. I like the show and its roots to the Archie Comics, but I might stop watching if it keeps going down this insane path. On the other hand, I can't get over how incredible this season of American Idol is. My family has always been big fans of American Idol and ABC has done an outstanding job keeping true to the show's roots and traditions. I love the judges this year and as always, the talent is stellar. The show is still in its early episodes so there's plenty of time to catch up. I just wrapped up The Assassination of Gianni Versace and what. an. ending. Darren Criss deserves every award possible for his role of Andrew Cunanan. Seriously, this show is a must see and the casting is impeccable!

What I'm Wearing -- I'm pretty much living in Uggs, yoga pants and my oversized Florida State sweatshirt, but when I'm not bumming it for class I'm wearing these jeans, these shoes, and this sweater. The sandals linked are my favorite for spring and will carry me all the way through September. I can't wait to throw them on when at the beach, when going out to dinner, or when heading out for a day of shopping.

What I'm Loving

Hunter by Target Sneak Peek -- Target is launching it's collaboration with Hunter Boots in a little over two weeks and just this weekend they released images of the line. I love the rugby pullover, I need to get my hands on the black and white striped one! I also love the short yellow rain booties. I might pick a pair of those up for myself as well!

Embroidered Jeans -- I am really into jeans right now, which is super strange for me because I think for the past three years, I've owned the same two pairs of jeans. I never saw the need to have an excessive amount of jeans, but man was I wrong. I am slowly expanding my collection and am so happy about it! These embroidered jeans are right at the top of my "to buy" list for this summer.

Jean Culottes -- I shared these on my Instagram yesterday, and just have to share them here! These white jean culottes are not what I walked into H&M looking for, but were everything when I tried them on over spring break. They're high waisted and slightly frayed at the ends. They are so comfortable and surprisingly aren't too short for my long legs. I love how modern and chic they are. They look great styled with classic tops, and really give a greta juxtaposition of sleek and classy. I love them for the spring.

Instagram Changes -- Instagram announced that it's *sort of* moving back to its old roots of chronological timelines. It only took use two years to get it back to the way it was, but finally the people at IG heard us! The Facebook owned social platform stated in a blog, that photos are "more-likely" to show up in chronological order than they have since they switched to the algorithm. Who knows how precise this new update will be, but I'll take what I can get!