Preppy Post 💌 Make Sure to Subscribe!

I've been tinkering with web design these past few weeks with the goal of sending out email blasts in mind. I love getting great email newsletters full of great tips, information, and photos. I wanted to create my own and finally think I've found the perfect design. Introducing the "Preppy Post". The preppy post is a weekly email newsletter that will go out to Daily Dose of Prep subscribers. Each email will have personal photos and stories, weekly fashion pics, playlists, blog updates, vacation updates, and styling tips. I'll also be sharing up and coming bloggers new to the scene. You can share your blog or a friends blog in the hopes to get the word out about their style, health, travel, or life posts.

This is as much new to you as it is to me, so throughout the next few weeks the format might change a little bit but I want to make this something that I can enjoy writing and you can enjoy reading. I love being able to share more personal stories with readers, but sometimes I don't think they need an entire blog post. If you want to be the VIP of Daily Dose of Prep and get first looks at posts, photos, or stories makes sure to subscribe to the Preppy Post. Below is the first and last one published to the blog, because after this you have to subscribe to read them! If you want to follow along, just subscribe by email on the homepage of the site!

ALSO! If you want to see something specific on the email blasts, click here to let me know! I can't wait to write next weeks post!

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