Answering Your Questions about College!

I sent out a Q&A form several weeks ago and I'm not going to lie, it totally slipped through the cracks! I love answering your questions about college so I picked out a few of the most asked questions from that Q&A form and am answering them today! If you have anymore questions about college, student life, or just want to chat make sure to email me! I love chatting it up with you!

What can you do to not be nervous to go to college? It's so natural to be nervous going to college. The best way to not be nervous is to be comfortable and confident in yourself. Go with your gut on what to do and how to act. Be kind to everyone and if you are still nervous after that, listen more than you speak. People will share how nervous they are too which might set you at ease. They best thing to do is to understand that every person is in the same boat. All of the freshman on your hall have all been a freshman for the exact same amount of time as you and nobody knows what they're doing at first. Again, just go off your instincts and trust that the 18 years of teachings from your family and previous education have prepared you well enough for college.

What is your best tip for meeting people and making friends?

The first few days, make sure to get to know your roommate and people living on your hall. Say hi to people and get to know them. Also make sure you go to student organization night and get information on clubs and organizations on campus. Joining clubs is the best way to meet people hands down.

How do you prioritize your schoolwork while still having time for a social life?

When it comes to balancing your school and social life, it's important to know that your school life should always come before your social life. The way to succeed at both is to make sure school comes first. Yes, you'll have to sacrifice a Friday night here and there for a big paper or exam, but also know that Friday after 5 until Sunday afternoon it's totally okay to go to dinner with friends, take an evening off and go out with your roommates. If you stay on top of your responsibilities day to day during the work week, you can easily manage a social life on the weekends.

What’s it like fitting a job into time for school work? Fitting a job into a schedule at work is a case by case basis depending on the job you take on. On campus jobs are more flexible for your school schedule than off campus jobs such as waitressing. If you can, I would try to grasp an on campus job because bosses know that you're a student first, whereas bosses in a restaurant might not understand as much. I never had an issue this semester with my job getting in the way of my studies, but again I know friends with off campus jobs that had several issues.

How do you deal with not getting into your top choice? I recently got denied acceptance from my top school and it’s been rough.

Almost everyone gets rejected from one of the schools they apply to. I was rejected twice from my dream school and both times it was hard. I completely understand how you feel. Since then, I've started saying "college is what you make it". With that statement comes the idea that you can go anywhere and make that college experience incredible. Don't think that just because you were rejected that your college experience is going to be horrible. If you study something you love, make great friends, and get involved in things your passionate about then school will work out for you, wherever you go.

Would you suggest having a part time job while still being involved on campus as a freshman?

Truthfully, if you can avoid having a job your freshman year, then try not to have one. I think it's nice to enjoy living in that college bubble for just a year until you need to start working to maybe pay for groceries or utilities for your apartment. Also, take that freshman year to get to know the people around you, your school, and yourself.

What are some of you wear-to-class staples/must haves?

I know some college campuses have student bodies that look decently dressed when they go to class, but at JMU we're relatively casual. I wear leggings, running shorts, and an oversized t shirt to class almost everyday. If it's chilly I'l throw on a size large sweatshirt, a cozy cardigan or a vest. If I'm not working, I'll almost always have my hair in a baseball cap, and I'm wearing tennis shoes 4/5 of the days of the week. If it's extremely chilly, I'll wear Bean Boots or Uggs and if it's warmer I'll wear Birkenstocks or Chacos. Seriously I'm super casual on campus. If I have a long day of meetings, I'll throw on a pair of jeans and a cute striped the from J.Crew or pullover sweater.

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