The Secret to How I Create My Outfits

One of my favorite things to do is play around with the clothes in my closet and try to get as many outfits as possible out of only a handful of items. I try to base my entire wardrobe off this principle. Many readers and followers of the blog ask how I continually come up with cute outfits and style everything without making the same outfit twice. It might seem like I have a gigantic wardrobe at my fingertips, but the truth is that I expand my closet by purchasing extremely versatile items. Simple staple items, made of great materials with classic silhouettes ensure that the items I invest in will last and will never go out of style.

When it comes to making sure that every item can be worn a thousand different ways, I try to keep my closet essentials within the same several colors. Simple button downs, great pull over sweaters, tailored shorts, and shoes should be purchased in colors that can be worn to their maximum potential and in almost every season. For example, I love my Palm Beach Sandals and as much as I love to wear bright pink, purchasing a shoe in a Chanel beige or navy is smarter and increases how much I can wear them. These essentials that you need in your closet help maintain a classic and timeless look so it's more than okay to splurge a little bit on them. That being said, minus the Jack Rogers, I think the most expensive thing below is $70 -- nothing too pricey. After all, you shouldn't have to spend thousands of dollars to feel chic and confident.

| white dress | brown sandal | J. Crew jeans | white jeans | club masters | navy knot tee | black bow shorts | navy ruffle shorts | beige cardigan | navy dress | blush flats | cream knit sweater | striped tee | white button up | navy and white Jack Rogers | Paris graphic tee | pearl earrings | navy pullover sweater |

For tops, I believe every wardrobe should have one trusty white blouse; I love a good white button up. It can by styled under sweaters, on their own, or unbuttoned layered with another tee underneath for a more casual look. I also think that you should always invest in a few great pull over sweaters -- especially navy and white ones. I love my ruffle neck navy pullover from J. Crew and this cream one from H&M is not only affordable but durable. You can wear both with jeans, skirts, or shorts. For more casual tops, go with a striped tee. I have about a dozen striped tees in my closet and they never fail to be one of the first things I grab for in my wardrobe when styling outfits. They're a four season top that again, looks great with jeans, shorts, and skirts. Lastly, I would invest in a few great graphic tees. You can find these anywhere from Old Navy to Target, J.Crew, and Forever 21. They are so cute for a casual day running errands or going to class. If you want to dress them up, tuck them in with a fabulous pair of shorts, and throw an unbuttoned polo or chambray overtop!

If you want to keep the outfits going, make sure your closet is stocked with essential bottoms. Every girl needs a pair of trusty jeans in both a classic denim wash and white. I go for a medium denim wash so I can wear them in both winter and summer. Jeans are something that you should invest in. It's okay to spend $100 on a pair of jeans as long as they fit correctly and are comfortable. For the spring and summer, I like to keep my closet stocked with the best pairs of shorts. I keep a navy, white, and black pair in my closet along with a pair of denim shorts. Instead of purchasing basic looking pairs of shorts though, I try to find shorts with a little something special like ruffle detail on the pockets or a bow waistline. Those are details that polish up any look but don't overpower it.

For dressier occasions, I always keep a few dresses on hand. A white dress and a navy dress are always good to keep in your closet at the ready. For shoes, I like a pair of fun sneakers around for dressed down outfits. A Superga or Tretorn nearby is great to pair with shorts and a sweater or a fun tee and a pair of jeans. I love keeping around a pair of casual brown sandals during the summer, as well as a pair of Jack Rogers. My navy and white pair is great, they go with everything and I can style them into October if it's warm. The last pair of shoes every girl needs in her closet to maintain a classic yet versatile wardrobe is a neutral flat or loafer. It's a dressier shoe than a sneaker and can be styled with shorts and dresses for a more formal look.

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