What I Bought This May

I definitely went on a little spending spree this month, and now in the words of Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic "my wallet is closed, I do not want to shop". But seriously, I can't shop anymore🙈. Everything was either on sale or employee discount though, so that counts for something, right? I knew throughout May, I would be purchasing a few essential items like a new navy dress, a pair of black shorts, and a brown wedge. I also needed a few new swimsuits. Maybe not three new ones, but the Lilly Pulitzer summer swim collection was so cute, I just had to grab a few new suits!

Bow Shorts -- I initially wanted to just buy the black bow shorts from J. Crew Factory, but the pink ones were on sale too, so I caved and bought those also. I will swear by J. Crew shorts until I die, seriously they are the best place to purchase shorts. I love the high waistline and the bow detailing. These shorts are an affordable pair of expensive looking shorts for the summertime, I couldn't pass them up!

Swimsuits -- I purchased three new swimsuits this month. I needed maybe one new bikini, but when Lilly Pulitzer released their swim for the summertime I decided to snag a few of those too. The first suit I bought was this white and gold top from Target of all places. I have been super inderimpressed with Target swimwear these past two years, but this white top is perfect. I love the gold detailing and the top covers much more than a normal bikini would, which is another reason why I love it so much. I bought the fiesta ruffle one piece from Lilly too. I haven't seen a gingham one piece as cute as this one anywhere, so I couldn't pass this one up. It has removable straps too! The last suit I bought was the salsa ruffle top and matching guava bottom from Lilly Pulitzer in Aquadesiac. I love this top so much, and I couldn't resist the matching bottoms!

Alivia Dress. Lilly hasn't done seersucker in years so I picked this one up a few weeks back. It also has pockets which is a detail I think every dress should have! I've had my eye on the Jane maxi dress Two New Dresses -- I purchased two new dresses this month as well. The first was the for months now, so when I saw it in person in the store last week I knew I needed it. I even bought my mom one because she loved it that much too.

Accessories-- I invested in several accessories this month too. The first was the Emery wedge from Target. I love the Marc Fischer wedges but there was no way I was going to purchase them for $150. I found these almost exact replicas from Target two weeks ago for only $32. They're extremely comfortable too. I didn't own a pair of wedges so I thought it was time to buy some. The second pair of shoes I got this month are from Palm Beach Sandals. These were a gift from PBS, and I can't talk highly enough about them. These are the perfect summer sandal, and the monogram makes them even better. The last accessory I bought was a packable boater hat. I love my packable hat from J. Crew and this one from Target was only $12 and has a much sturdier brim, so how could I resist?

I also purchased a few books throughout the month of May, but those will come in a post at the end of the month with reviews! What have you purchased this month!! Leave it in a comment below!

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