French Stripes in the Summertime

Maintaining a classic outfit doesn't have to be determined by how much money you spend or the labels on your clothes. Something as timeless as a great quality striped shirt can be found almost anywhere and styled a thousand different ways. Don't overcomplicate such a simple item though. When paired with a tailored pair of shorts, your favorite striped tee can become a standout item in your summer wardrobe. I'll preach about my collection of striped shirts until I can't wear them anymore. They truly are the best tops I have in my closet -- which is why I have about a dozen of them.

This French blue and white striped three-quarter length tee is one of my favorites for the summertime. Right now, this royal blue is catching my eye these past few weeks and I think it makes a great statement with this outfit. I purchased this shirt from J. Crew for $11.00 back in March and I love it! I paired it with my white ruffle waist shorts (also from J. Crew) and kept it simple. Like I said, don't overcomplicate something so simple. I styled this J. Crew shirt and short combo with two great accessories from Target.

Don't spend big bucks for a classy wardrobe; this hat for example was only $12 and is my staple hat for the warmer months. It has a firm brim and is trimmed with a black ribbon for a little extra detail. These shoes are also my summer sandals of 2018. For under $25 these sandals have been worn a thousand different ways already. I wear them with dresses, shorts, skirts, jeans and a simple tee, and even running shorts and a oversized tee for lazy days running errands. They come in a perfect cognac brown along with black, so you can choose which pair you like best.

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