8 Favorites from My Swimsuit Collection

I know it's only June 1st and some of you aren't even out of school yet, but if you're shopping for swimwear for this summer I hate to say it, but you're behind. It's wild to me that the best time to shop for swimwear is early March, but we work with what the stores give us🤦🏼‍♀️. I love swimwear, especially a good one piece. I have eight swimsuits in my collection that I absolutely adore and they span a lot of different suit styles. Every single suit I share today was purchased on sale or with an employee discount. I know swimwear is easy to pile up in your cart, but you only wear them a handful of months out of the year so don't go spending a ton of money on swimsuits.

First, let's break the stereotype of the one piece. This stigma has been slightly broken in recent seasons now that so many brands have started to design and sell more supportive and stylish one-pieces. I for one, love them! I'm the kind of person who loves going into the ocean when going to the beach. I come from a family where we spend a majority of vacation in the water either throwing the football, on a boogie board, or jumping over waves. A one piece is just way more practical for swimming and spending time in the water. With a fun scoop back, ruffles, cut outs, and fun details a basic and boring one piece really makes a great statement on the beach or at the pool.

PRO TIP: I linked a few higher end suits from J. Crew below! I mostly shop suits at Target or Forever21 (and even sometimes Walmart!), but J. Crew puts all of their leftover suits on sale in January following the summer it was released. The two suits are the far right were both purchased from there. The coral seersucker one piece was originally $125 but I found it last January for $22. Just make sure to shop swim in the winter if you want great deals!

Now, let's chat about my eight favorite swim suits. Unintentionally, half are one pieces and half are bikinis. I'll start off by saying, my chest is not cut out to be in a string bikini top -- there's no way it'll ever happen. When I shop for swimwear, the first thing I think about is my chest and if I can fit everything into a bikini top (another reason why I love the one piece!). I find that a bandeau top like the Salsa Ruffle Top from Lilly Pulitzer is much easier for me to wear than a triangle bikini top. I love the way a tan with a triangle bikini looks though so I went on the chase for something that would work for my chest. The white and gold top from Target in the upper left corner is perfect. the triangles cover my chest completely and I feel secure in it and ready to take on the ocean. Plus, the back has a great criss-cross detail! Most of the suits are below, but some are from last year so I linked similar suits!

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