How to Shop J.Crew Like a Pro

I'll flat out say it. I absolutely cannot afford J. Crew unless I'm shopping their sale, and even then I sometimes still can't afford J. Crew. I know I'm not the only girl out there who's tight on money and purchases her own clothing. As you already know, I love keeping my closet current and updated with trends but sometimes, it's difficult to shop J. Crew's best without spending my entire paycheck.

Almost every blog post I write has something from J. Crew linked in it because you can truly find everything you need in your wardrobe there. Like I said, I love shopping the brand, but I just can't drop full price dollars on a single item of clothing. One of the reasons I love writing Daily Dose of Prep is because women like me are trying to get the best deal in certain stores and today, I am going to share with you how I manage to shop J. Crew without completely breaking my bank.

Be Patient -- When it comes to shopping J. Crew, you have to wait until something you love goes on sale. This takes plenty of patience, but if you wait, good things will come your way.

Shop Online and In Store -- I think I stop by the J. Crew store in Short Pump every 7-10 days. By now the employees know I head straight to the back left corner, look around and then leave after about 5 minutes of looking. I'm an efficient shopper, what can I say. The reason to go in store and shop online is because sometimes one puts items on sale when the other does not. I can't even begin to explain the amount of times I've gone into J.Crew and they've had an in-store only sale or they placed items on sale earlier than the website does. Also, you might luck out and find something that isn't available online, in store. It's well worth checking on all platforms!

Factory Is Your Best Friend -- If something is a total bestseller in regular J. Crew, odds are it'll soon be in J. Crew Factory soon! The off the shoulder grey ruffle bodysuit I love was a J. Crew store best seller that I purchased in January and now in June, it's sold in J. Crew Factory for a cheaper price. Same with my high-waisted ruffle shorts. The white and navy that were sold in the regular store lat summer and are now at a cheaper price in Factory. So, in the case you miss it go to sale or it sells out before it even gets that far, keep an eye on J. Crew Factory!

College Gals, Use That Discount! -- J. Crew is an absolute Godsend and accepts college student I.D. J. Crew has a few rules though when it comes to student I.D., so keep track! When the store is having a store wide sale, you cannot use student ID (40% off your purchase, take 30% off everything). If the store is only having a particular sale in one section, like take additional 30% off sale only, then you can use your student I.D. You can also take that 15% off of the lowest ticket price of a sale item. Yes, you can in fact turn that 30% off into 45% with the showing of one little card.

J. Crew is the Best Place to Shop J. Crew -- This sounds redundant but other stores sell J. Crew as well, Nordstrom being one example. Wholesale sites don't honor the discounts that J. Crew's site and store do, so if J. Crew has a 50% off site wide sale, it won't be reflected on Nordstrom, keeping those items at full price.

January is the Time to Shop -- January for J. Crew is sale month. Things are marked up to 70% off making several items about $15. Purchase your items for spring during this sale! Also make sure to snag a few of your favorite swimsuits during this sale! I purchased all of my J. Crew swimsuits for 70% off capping them out to about $18 a piece.

Emails! -- I typically don't pay attention to promotional emails, but J. Crew emails are always announcing a sale or new product. I've also noticed that when stores announce new product, they move older product to the sale section to make room for the new arrivals... so check the sale section of sites and stores when they release new items too!

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