Here's What's Been Going On...

Okay so you haven't seen consistent blog posts in about a month and I owe you an explanation. Before I get too far into this post, I want to make sure I don't blur any lines. Blog posts aren't going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere. I'm okay -- great in fact. I just feel like I haven't been this inconsistent with blogging in almost a year now and I owe it to you, my loyal reader, to tell you why.

So, I haven't posted consistent blog posts in weeks now. Let me break things down. First, I started off the month with a twelve day vacation to Virginia Beach and in truth I just wanted to take that time to relax. I know, relax...on vacation?! What was I thinking?! Just kidding...kind of. I feel like I'm always going, going, going. I feel like if I skip one day of posts, even if it's due to a family reason, a vacation, or a gigantically important final, I'm shirking my responsibilities to this blog. I've turned this into a job that brings in revenue each month and I just can't slack off like I have been! 

I loved spending those twelve days at the beach with my closest friends and family members and truthfully, some days the blog was the last thing on my mind. Other days, all I wanted to do was write a post and schedule it for the next day. I guess my creativity was coming in waves (no pun intended). Once I got back from the beach, we celebrated my sister's birthday all day and then her high school graduation and my thoughts were on spending time with family and the blog wasn't at the forefront of my mind. So there's that. Family and time to relax was what was consuming me for the first two weeks of June. 

I've also been way too consumed with work to sit down and write posts. But wait...didn't I just say Daily Dose of Prep was a job? Yes. It is. One I take very seriously, but on here I'm my own boss. If I don't make a deadline or sit down to write I don't have anyone that I would really be directly letting down and I don't have anyone that could sit me down and fire me. It was the most flexible in terms of responsibility out of all my jobs. For those of you who don't know, I work three jobs (in addition to the blog). I work at Rhoback as a full time public relations intern, at a sports bar as a waitress, and at Lilly Pulitzer as a retail associate. I work seven days a week.

If I'm not at the Rhoback office, I'm at my desk at home graphic designing, writing posts for them, web designing, reaching out to influencers, and assisting the team with whatever they need. I truly love working at Rhoback. I have learned more about PR and owning a business in these several weeks than I have in an entire semester as a declared public relations student at JMU. The things I'm learning literally get me so excited I feel it deep in my bones. I cannot and will not slack on this internship. 

Two times a week, I'm at Lilly Pulitzer whenever they need me. Those two days a week, I'm all theirs. I dress up in Lilly and sell to all the gals in search for the most vibrant clothing in Richmond. I love it there too. I have a knack for picking out and pairing clothing, if you haven't been able to tell, so working at Lilly Pulitzer gives me the creative room to make others feel beautiful. Not to mention that I love the team over at Lilly Pulitzer and the relationships I have formed with some of my co-workers is so great! Also, who doesn't love dressing up for work and looking adorable in Lilly Pulitzer? 

Finally, I work as a waitress at a local sports bar here. It's a family friendly restaurant and my sisters work there too. I see so many familiar faces there and I work with practically all college kids. It's so fun not to mention, I make pretty good money there. After all, the whole point of me working is to make and save money. I can leave after a four hour shift with $100 in my pocket. What's great about this job too, is that I take home cash at the end of the night which means money directly in my pocket. No need waiting two weeks for a check. Not to mention it's pretty flexible so when I'm not spending the day at my desk working on my internship, in the Rhoback office, or at Lilly Pulitzer, I'm at the restaurant serving. 

Every minute of my week is planned out precisely. I take Sundays off so I can go to my grandmother's house for Sunday dinner with my family, but I also use that day to sleep in, catch up on the rest of my week. I need that one day at home to catch up on sleep, on blogging, on photos for the blog, and on the workweek ahead. I feel like I haven't really had a summer vacation. I understand that though, I'm in college and I can't think like a kid anymore. Summers are now for making money and getting ahead on internship, business opportunities, and saving money. Last school year I fully lived what it was like to not have enough money saved and working four days a week didn't cover the cost of utilities, groceries, and my sorority alone. That doesn't even count for the fun stuff on college.

With all of this being said, a change had to be made. I don't feel like I have enough time to even dedicate to make a half-decent blog post anymore and I hate that feeling. Daily Dose of Prep has given me so much and it genuinely makes me happy. My soul is happy when I sit down and write to you and because of that, I decided to quit my job at Lilly Pulitzer. I'll miss working there, but if it was between that and losing this blog I would forego that job any day. I can't lose Daily Dose of Prep -- it means too much to me. I also love my internship to risk turning in sloppy work due to lack of time to do it. I'm sick of staying up until three in the morning trying to squeeze everything into one day. 

So, not I'll have a few more days in the home office to write posts, work with companies and others bloggers, and work on projects that I've had in my head that I can't wait to get on paper. I have big things coming y'all. I'm excited you're here with me. Thank you for continuing to come back to the blog and thank you for continuing to support this little journal of mine. I'm glad you're here.