20th Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is on Thursday! There's nothing I really want. All last week my family members kept asking me what I want for my birthday and there's nothing that I'm dying to have. Does anyone else have this problem?! If there's ever something I really can't live without, I save and buy it. Even then, there's never a long list of things that I'm dying to have. I think I spent 4 hours online this weekend scouring the internet for things that I really love. Here are a few things that I would love to have for my birthday! 😌

Patagonia Pullover -- I wanted this Patagonia puffer pullover all winter long and never could get myself to buy it because it was $200! Ridiculous for a pullover I thought. It's now half off and they still have my size! I would wear a black or navy in medium because it would be roomie with a sweatshirt underneath. I would love it as an alternative to my parka jacket.

High Waisted Jeans -- I don't have white jeans! I ripped a hole in mine a year and a half again and never bought a new pair. I love the high waisted ones from J. Crew because I like the way they fit and I'm familiar with the brand's jeans. I also love a good high waisted jean -- once I discovered how great they were, I don't think I can go back to low waist again.

Sheila Small Hoops -- Everyone at JMU wears Sheila hoops and I never thought that I would be a girl to love them, but wow are they so cute. I hate the price on them, but the brushed gold or champagne ones would be so fun paired with a dress for a date function or with a blouse and skirt to dress up an outfit. The large ones are way too large, but the small ones are just perfect.

AirPods -- AirPods are so freaking cool, okay. These aren't something I'm dying to have, but when I went to purchase my iMac last week, two of the employees that helped me talked about how great the AirPods were. I love how the are cordless and can connect with your Apple Watch, which I think is the real appeal for me.

Monogrammed Phone Case -- I am absolutely loving a light blue French stripe recently and this phone case goes with just about everything I wear. I don't have a classic, chic phone case for summer and I think this would be a great staple to my tech collection.

Blue Stripe Scalloped Duvet -- I need new bedding for my apartment next year. When I was a sophomore, I ordered a comforter from Overstock and it just wasn't great. It came in a collection of sheets, throw pillow and shams and everything in the set was cheaply made and didn't fit right. I didn't want to use it for another year, at least not as my main bedding. I love this Emily & Merritt pajama stripe duvet from PBTeen. It even has bows and scallops along the edges which is such a fun extra touch. I think I might layer it with navy or white for a more refined look.

Blush Old Skool Vans -- My gold Old Skool Vans are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I wear them all the time at school and I really want another pair. These blush Vans are a little more subtle than the gold ones and will be great with jeans, casual dresses, and leggings and a sweatshirt for days at class. They're also on sale too!

Navy Tretorns -- I don't have a casual white sneaker. I've been obessed with Tretorn's since I saw other bloggers start styling them two summers ago. I love the classic and traditional style of the navy and white pair. I just have to get my hands on a pair of them!

Searing Pan -- I love cooking dinner at school and one of my favorite things to do is pan sear chicken. The pan I have now is super small and cheaply made. I want one with ridges so I can grill chicken, hamburger, and meat. I would love to add a cast iron skillet to my kitchen collection.

iMac Desktop -- This was more so a birthday gift to myself. It was my first "big girl" purchase which was really cool. I bit the bullet last Monday and purchased the 1000GB iMac desktop. Wow do I love it. It was definitely a lot of money, but I can already tell I'm going to reap the rewards ten fold. I'll write a desktop vs. laptop post soon comparing the two models!

Cream Roll Neck Sweater -- I have had my eye on this J. Crew sweater since it was released in early March for Spring. It never went on a big enough sale to buy, but now it's 30% off for the Fourth of July sale and I really want it before they're all gone. They've been out for four months now, there can't be many left! The cream one I can wear for four seasons too, which makes the money worth it.

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