Nightly Skincare Routine

I'm finally bringing you my skincare routine. Hopefully my makeup routine is soon to follow! I love taking care of my skin, and truthfully I never really paid too much attention to my skincare routine in high school -- sad!! Since coming to college, I have really increased my skin care and my attention to the products that I use. One of the things that's important to me when I go shopping for skincare is price. I would love to wander around Sephora all day and pick out the best skin products, but that comes with a pretty big price tag. I mean, essential oils for $150?! Absolutely not. Maybe one day I'll get there, but on a college budget now's not the time for pricey products.

My skincare routine all comes from the drugstore, minus the Mia Clairsonic, which is pretty affordable and worth every penny. It can be found at Ulta. Another thing to add, is that I do my skin routine at night before getting in bed. In the mornings I'll put on moisturizer and then my makeup. Let me walk you through my routine and leave comments below if you have questions or product suggestions!

1. Remove Makeup -- The first step in any skincare routine is to remove surface toxins, for us gals, that's out makeup. I use the Neutrogenia makeup removing towelettes that I buy in bulk from Costco. If I'm going to use them every single day, I like to have a lot of them. I think they do the best job of taking off all my makeup and don't irritate my eyes or face.

2. Acne Wash -- After removing my makeup, I use my Clearasil Rapid Action daily face wash. Be careful, this stuff stings if it gets in your eyes, but wow does it do the trick. It works really quickly, you'll see results in a few days. If I want a deeper clean, I put a quarter sized dollop of face wash on my Mia Clarisonic. The Clarisonic has vibrating bristles that are thorough but gentle on skin which help scrub toxins, pollution and oil buildup from your pores.

3. Exfoliator -- Once I finish washing with daily acne wash, I exfoliate with St.Ives apricot scrub. I don't use this everyday because the apricot scrub on top of the bristles of the Clarisonic could be a little too irritating for my skin -- I don't want to overwork it. This apricot scrub brightens, deep cleans, and the Apricot is all natural too, which is great for skin.

4. Face Mask -- If I feel like I've had a really long day or my complexion is looking a little dull I use my Get Your Glow On peel-off mask. I was in desperation of a face mask after work a while back and picked this up at CVS on a whim. Who knew I would love it and add it to my normal routine! To start is smells incredible. It's pretty thick to go on, but it dries in 15 minutes and it peels off like a breeze. Reminder: pull from the neck up, it pulls in opposite direction of the pores, which removes gunk better. I noticed a brightness in my face and a newfound softness of my skin as well. The best part is that. once I remove it, I don't feel slimy.

5. Spot Treatment -- The thing that I hate the most about my skin, is once I have a zit, my skin never seems to fully heal. I have acne scars all over the place, especially on my chin. When I go out, I feel like I have to put extra concealer on to hide the acne scars. I found this Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment which works great on current breakouts and helps diminish post-acne marks. It can be found at all drugstores and receives great reviews. Leave this on overnight on tough spots.

That's it -- my entire skincare routine. Other things that help with complexion and clear skin is drinking lots of water, eating less refined foods, and eating more fruits and vegetables. Exercising and getting plenty of vitamins also helps increase brightness and clears skin.

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