Seagrass & Sunshine

Words cannot express how relaxed I feel after my week in Virginia Beach. As you've seen exercised, I took a week off of blogging. It wasn't intentional of me to do, but every single night at the beach I was laughing with family, playing games, making ice cream runs and the last thing on my mind was blogging. Sorry, not sorry! We were absolutely blessed with the most perfect week ever. Temperatures were in the mid-eighties, low-nineties and the sun was bright and the perfectly blue sky was dotted with puffy white clouds. God is good, I'm telling you.

While I didn't sit down to write blog posts each day, I took full advantage of the perfect weather and went out to take a few photos. Before I dive into this post any further, I have to thank my sweet cousin Anna for helping me out with photos. She is an absolute wizard with a camera! We went out one morning to take several rounds of photos. We intially planned to take these photos on the Fort Story base in the North End but after altercations with military ID's and a not up-to-date car insurance print out we scrambled to find a new location. I ended up pulling off the main road at 79th street just to we could do some quick location scouting. I look up from my phone and in front of me is the most beautiful and picturesque beach access pathway I've ever seen. See! If we all just look up from our phones once in a while, we can see the beauty that's right in front of us! We jumped out of the car and passed several salty and sandy golden retrievers on our way out to the beach.

This outfit has to got to be one of my favorites all summer! First, these linen pants! I've shared these multiple times now, and once again they have proven to be the best pair of summer pants I own. They are comfortable, casual, lightweight, and too darn cute with the pom pom trim! They're on sale y'all! They them while you can! I styled these go-to pants with my new off the shoulder crop top from NA-KD clothing. It's a one shoulder top so you don't have to stress with an entirely strapless bra 🙌🏻 and the adorable tie on the side adds a darling touch to the outfit. You just can't go wrong with black and white stripes either -- they'll never go out of style. I, quite literally, topped this outfit off with my boater hat from Target -- another staple I can't stop swooning over this summer. I've taken it on every trip this summer, I mean it's only $12.99 so how can I not preach about it?!

Every single thing styled in this outfit is super adorable from the pants that are under $50 and the $30 top and $12 hat. You can absolutely recreate this outfit and re-style the pieces over and over again into early fall. Shop everything below AND get the top along with everything else on the NA-KD site for 20% off with the code dailydoseofpreppy20 .

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