Shopping for My Junior Year Apartment

It's my second favorite time of the year (behind Christmas!), apartment shopping season! I'm in the homestretch of my summer vacation and truth be told, I'm kind of happy about it. I have loved being home these past few months, but it's time to get back to school. I miss my friends, I miss my schedule, I miss my library work friends, I miss cooking in my own kitchen, I miss living on my own, and I miss being on my own. I have just under three weeks of vacation left, so I'm spending this time earning as much money as I can, saving the majority of it, and putting some of the money I make into my apartment.

Last year I purchased a pretty simple navy and white comforter from Overstock and boy, was it horrible. I'm not kidding, it sucked. It came in a pack of 10 bedroom items from sheets to the comforter and even some throw pillows for just about $100. For all of that, $100 is relatively cheap and that's what I swore to myself I would never skimp on bedding ever again. Your bed is like your little nest. I spend so much of my life in it, I need for it to be comfortable and something that I actually like. I looked at that navy and white comforter every day last year and hated it. This year, I promised myself I would get some really nice bedding so I don't ever have to feel that way again.

For my birthday, my sweet mother asked me what I really wanted. I couldn't think of a single thing except for some new bedding for my apartment. Typically, she wouldn't buy me bedding but for the big two-oh she gifted me an Emily & Merritt duvet cover from PB Teen. It was (and still is!) on sale and is the inspiration behind my entire bedroom for my apartment this year.

Kate Spade Desk | Emily & Merritt Duvet | Scout Trunk | Hydrangea Agenda | Headboard Pillow | Cork Board | Desk Lamp |

The color scheme is French blue, navy blue, and white with accents of gold. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my closet is already 80% these colors so I might as well have a bedroom to match. What I particularly love about this duvet is that scalloped edge and the ribbon ties on the edge. I swear, PB Teen thinks of such great details to add to just about everything!

I like to sleep with a lot of layers on my bed -- something about the weight of the blankets really makes me feel safe at night. Am I the only one that thinks that?? To help with that, I will be layering the old comforter from last year with this new duvet. I know, I know! I said I didn't like the last one! With it layered underneath the cute pajama stripe one, I know I'll be fine with it. I've already tested it out on my bed at home haha. I will continue the navy throughout the room on my bulletin board and with my headboard pillow from Leigh Deux, along with two navy and white shams.

To add pops of contrasting gold, my desk will feature the Kate Spade office supply line. I received a PR package last winter filled to the brim with Kate Spade desk goodies, so I can't wait to take them back to school with me. They are so sleek and classic, they'll match any room I put together for years. Lastly, I want to make sure I add plenty of detail to my room, to do so I will be hanging my navy monogram on the wall as well as using a vase or two of fake hydrangeas to spruce up the place. I don't looove the idea of fake flowers, but you just can't find them at stores in Harrisonburg and after summer, they're out of season. Fake is just a smarter decision.

What do you think?? What are you doing for your apartment or dorm room this year?? Let me know below!

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