Weekly Skinny: July 26th

It's been a while since I shared my weekly favorites and they've been piling up on my notes in my phone for several weeks now and I'm finally getting around to sharing them with you. These past few weeks have been an absolute blast filled with both busy days on vacation and also busy days sitting at my desk getting work done.

I started working on several really exciting projects, both concerning the blog, that eventually you will hear about. Once includes an insane giveaway that I know you college gals will love for sure!! I have also been working on getting everything together for going back to school. Between getting all of my recruitment clothes shipped to my house, finding the finishing details needed for my apartment, getting my schedule straight, and trying to move-in early there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. That being said, I have found several really fun things worth sharing. Enjoy!

Michael Jackson Floor Routine -- Ever since I was a kid I really loved watching people do gymnastics. I think part of the fascination stems from the fact that I could never ever so the tricks and routines that gymnasts to. I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and came across the UCLA gymnast's routine to Michael Jackson. It's from back in April, but I thought it this is my first time seeing this, someone else hasn't seen it either. Long story short, she's incredible and I love seeing her teammates perform the routine along with edge of the mat with her.

Prep Avenue Planner -- I've shared it multiple times on my Instagram and every single time I do, I get at least 3 messages about it. Shannon, a fellow blogger, released her first season of agendas with artwork by Evelyn Henson. One, these agendas are beautiful. Evelyn Henson did a great job with the artwork and Shannon did a great job catering this agenda towards students. There are pages for professor information, class schedules, student discounts, to do lists, homework, and meetings. Everything a college kid has to do in a day can fit in this agenda in an extremely organized way. Also, it has hydrangeas on the cover so I'm all in for that!

Urban Outfitters Hair Scarf -- Hair accessories have been everywhere, especially hair scarves. I love these little silk scarves, they add such a touch of luxury to sometimes, a really inexpensive outfit. When I wear a scarf in my hair though, I'm always afraid about it falling out! It's so slippery when made of silk! I found this fun black and white striped one on a hair tie, that can hang low on it's own or can be braided into your hair. It's so cute and can be styled all the way through fall because of it's classic colors.

James Coden & Dominic Cooper -- I have yet to see Mamma Mia 2 yet, but I'm going this weekend!! In the meantime though, I have been searching through YouTube to find about every possible Mamma Mia interview out there to hold me over until I make my way to the theater. A few days ago, Dominic Cooper was interviewed on The Late Late Show (my fave late night talk show btw) and it was hilarious. Turns out the two were once roommates and had some pretty great memories together. The interview with the shock game and the questions about one another had my laughing out loud. Well worth the watch!

Chicks in the Office Podcast -- Podcast junkie, back at it again. I've completely run through the entire of the Potterless Podcast and the LadyGang and I've also listened to just about every Unqualified podcast too. I started the Business of Fashion podcast and it's really great, but I needed some humor in a podcast. Thank goodness for the Chicks in the Office podcast. This podcast is brand new and is hosted by two girls who work at Barstool Sports. These girls talk about pop-culture topics with the same gusto the buys at Barstool talk about the Super Bowl.

Elaine Espadrille -- Last week, I was at my grandmother's house and my super-stylish aunt walked in wearing the cutest leopard print espadrille mules. Of course I asked her where they and to my complete satisfaction, she said Target. I can afford Target -- sold! I bought those espadrilles right in the middle of the conversation and two days later they were on my doorstep. I cannot suggest these espadrilles enough. They are so comfortable for starters, the woven bottom is lined with a fabric sole for more comfort. Also, the mule trend is still alive and thriving, keeping these shoes relevant with trends. Lastly the tan and black leopard print carries so well into fall. Perfect for a long day on campus or casual Friday's in the office.

Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake -- The night before vacation, I needed a new book to read on the beach, so before heading home the night before leaving for the beach, I stopped at Barnes & Noble and picked up any book that looked good. If you follow along with what my favorite series are, you know I like anything dystopian, fantasy, or mystery. A basic love story is just a little boring for me -- I need something with a little more action. I saw Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake on the must read for summer table and started reading the first chapter. It didn't take long to realize I was hooked. It's essentially a hunger games of queens and the queens are sisters. The last queen standing gets to rule. It's really exciting, the writing is extremely creative, and it's a current series. The third book comes out in September!

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